The Pros of Temporary Vs Permanent Employment

Temporary employment is when a person is recruited for temporary needs and he may be relieved of his duties once the requirement is over. On the other hand, permanent employment is when a person is employed on a long term contract, who would serve the company for a long time and can be a constant contributor to the company. There is a different set of benefits related to temporary and permanent employment. Some are discussed below.

Pros of Hiring Temporary Staff

  • One of their main skills is to get accustomed to the work process very easily and quickly. Since they are temporary professionals, they have immense experience in getting used to the environment of the job they are employed with.
  • There is no commitment required whatsoever. If the company is not satisfied with the work by the temporary recruit, they can easily replace that person with another employee as there is no shortage of temporary professionals. 
  • Temporary employment is very cost-effective as the employees do not need to be paid much. They can be hired with low salaries to fulfill the work needs of the company.
  • In big cities, there is no shortage of temporary workers. If the company has a good relationship with the recruitment agency, it will not be very difficult for the company to have a steady flow of temporary workers to fulfill their needs. 

Pros of Hiring Permanent Staff

  • Permanent employees are loyal. They are highly experienced with the work culture of their company and are accustomed to the working environment. So there are very low chances that they would leave that particular company and opt for another one, thus providing automatic job security.
  • They are the driving force behind the company’s growth and development. They work very hard over a long period of time and contribute a lot to the overall growth of the company and help it to excel in the huge market.
  • There is no end date to the contract, so the company can be relieved that the employee who has worked a long tenure can be secured and perform better and contribute more for a maximum amount of time thus helping in the company’s overall development. 


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