Store Unlimited Photos In The Cloud With USE

The use of the cloud is becoming more common among a large number of users. Being able to have our files at any time and in any place at the same time, keeping a backup copy of them always guaranteed is a very important aspect. However, it is difficult to find storage servers that do not impose a series of limits on us in terms of performance and capacity.

One of the most stored items in the cloud is photographs. Whether through social networks such as Facebook or in the Google Drive cloud within the photography section, our images are stored there, although generally to save size on the servers they drastically reduce their quality so that, if we lose the original, we can no longer recover one of the same characteristics.

USE is a cloud photo storage server that offers users unlimited storage of photos on their servers for free and even without the need to register on the platform.

The main features of USE are:

  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage space
  • It does not limit the size of the photos
  • Ability to save images privately or publicly
  • Integration with the main social networks
  • It has a simple cloud-based photo editor
  • Ability to resize photos
  • Allows up to 100 images to be uploaded at once

If we register and log in to the platform, we will even be able to order our photographs in albums so that we will have a complete photographic library in the cloud, always accessible and with the possibility of retrieving them by downloading them from the servers without having limited their size.

We must take into account the risks of storing personal photos on third-party servers since we do not know who is really behind them or the use they may make of said photographs. We also do not know the security of the infrastructure and the risks of a computer attack where hackers can take our photos.


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