Tips For Choosing New Plumbing


The choice of new plumbing will determine the width of its functional spectrum, service life, and comfort in general. The plumbing market has expanded so much that it’s hard to decide what is right for you. What should be considered when choosing and buying plumbing fixtures? When choosing to plumb, be sure to stick to the same style for all items. If they are entirely different designs (for example, a bath with more rounded outlines, and a rectangular sink with sharp outlines), it will look inharmonious. It is also worth choosing elements in one color; deviations from this rule are only allowed with a competent design project.

Consider the quality of the material of manufacture. The service life of the plumbing depends on this. Cheap products will have to be replaced much earlier in the future. Plumbing products should be comfortable for you, so choose the shape of the product, height, depth, width, etc. carefully.

The Most Popular Products Are Faience And Porcelain. What Is The Difference?

Earthenware has a decent appearance, lightweight, and low pricing policy. Porcelain is perfectly smooth in appearance, thanks to the firing during manufacture. They are more resistant to temperature changes. They are easier to care for since dirt practically does not linger on them. They are heavier than faience and more expensive.

Cracks may appear on both materials after heavy objects fall on them.

There are also such types of products:

  • Composite: Resistant to mechanical damage and chemicals. Outwardly they look like granite products. Easy to care for, but quite expensive.
  • Marble: They are considered the most luxurious items. But they quickly get dirty and require additional care, due to the porosity of the marble. They are also the most expensive items.
  • Glass: They have become popular in recent years, thanks to the new design solutions created with their help. Strong enough products. But they are the most whimsical to care for – any smudges and stains are noticeable on them. It is advisable to wipe them dry daily; it is going to make it easy to fix by emergency plumbers.

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