Overcoming & Combatting The Dangers Of Gas Leaks

 There are ways that companies need to do to recognise and assess onsite risks. There should be prevention control and countermeasures against workplace hazards. While eliminating complete danger and risk to your worksite are next to impossible, the best we can do is to minimise the risk/s available.

Risk Assessment with Gas Detection System

A gas detection system is crucial to employees’ safety and wellness. Unidentified gas leaks can cause fatality or death due to poisoning. As a result, individuals need to be aware and educated against gas leaks. With so many types of gas variants that are toxic and could leak, equipping staff with knowledge and tools are the best way to address this problem. Not to mention, investing or upgrading to the latest gas detector in Singapore aims for better performance.

In addition, what makes gas leaks so dangerous is their odourless smell, which makes them completely undetectable by your senses. Employees can not rely upon their scent, let alone their senses, to maintain them safe from gas leaks. An organisation should never gamble or put the lives of its employees in an unsafe position. That’s why investing in a gas detection system is worth it.


– Are There Still Any Risks?

A gas detector needs to be appropriately maintained and adjusted, yet doing so will guarantee their accuracy in recognising toxic gas and notifying. Most of today’s industry practices and policies require investing in a gas detector in Singapore as part of the safety protocol. These gadgets are the only way to determine gas leakages and possible hazards within the workplace.

However, delayed gas detection can also lead to negative consequences. Even when having a portable or fixed detector, delayed detection still poses threat and damage cost risks. Not getting proper maintenance or upgrade to your existing system may lead to poor performing gas detection devices. A poorly maintained detector is not worth keeping. It isn’t even an excuse.


Defeating Threats Of Gas Leaks With Proper Response

While investing in a fixed or portable gas detector in Singapore remains a solution, knowing how you can properly respond will remain relatively crucial as well. So let’s say you’ve managed to smell something odd, or it might be your gas meter has made it clear; what do you exactly do? Here are a few ways how you can react:

Always remain calm

Whether you have a portable gas meter or fixed detector, you must remain calm when considering your approach to the situation. Emergencies can be very stressful. However, it will become worse once you start panicking since your body would enter the ‘fight or flight mode.

Becoming calm allows you to think straight. It allows your response with a plan in mind that you have remembered. In situations where your gas meter has gone off, you should already have a plan and approach in mind. If not, take a brief moment to recall what needs to be done.

Recognise and assess

Take a brief moment to assess and recognise if you’re truly smelling a gas leak. It can be helpful especially without having a portable or fixed detector to monitor gas levels. What does it smell like? The most common scent of a gas leak is a rotten egg. However, some gas leaks may smell different than rotten eggs, some smell like sulphur. Knowing what it smells lets you identify the gas. However, you should not sniff further to determine the source of the leak as it can be harmful to you.

Avoid smoking and extinguish any open flame.

Avoid smoking – this one is a no-brainer, even if there’s a fixed detector in the area. If there are the presence of gas leaks, eliminating any potential can create a reaction from gases. As such, extinguishing open flame would prevent any unwanted reaction that will cause burning or even explosion.

Report the problem

Once an evaluation has been made and there are no open flames in the area that can mix gas leaks with air, it’s recommended that you report the problem. You can call your local emergency hotline to notify authorities and get the right help. You should also report it to your supervisor, staff, and management.

Evacuate the area or building

Every organisation has their emergency plan and response strategy. Once an organisation/company has decided to invest in a gas detector in Singapore, a plan must be devised should the device have gone off.

When evacuating a building, take note of emergency exit points in case of preparation should an explosion occur. If you are part of a team, it’s essential to coordinate with other staff and ensure that everyone follows the emergency. It will prevent injury and even death.


The Importance Of Having An Emergency Response Plan

Gas leaks are highly hazardous to any workplace, regardless of whether there are PPEs or a fixed detector on the site. The aim of having an emergency response plan is to do the most viable actions possible to ensure the safety and well-being of all staff and employees during an emergency. It seeks to minimise casualty and provides a proper response to deficiencies as well.

Since confusion can escalate a bad situation into worse, an urgent need for a plan that calls for rapid response is necessary. With it, pre-planning ahead plays a huge role in having a successful response plan. Always remember that the lack of proper response and planning can lead to loss of life and damage.


The threat of gas leaks can be defeated by having proper risk assessment, response and the most suitable emergency plan. Preplanning and assessing potential risks are crucial to be aware of possible hazardous conditions. Even if an org chooses to purchase a fixed or portable gas detector in Singapore, preparedness and planning go by a length of a mile more than having all the tools but not knowing what to do.

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