To Live is to Breathe: the Wonders of an Air Purifier E Benefits and Drawbacks of Buying an Air Purifier in Singapore

To live is to breathe: this is a natural occurrence for humans when doing everyday things such as digesting your food, moving your body around, or even when you sit down and think about things. Such a process involves the natural flow of oxygen between the human being and the environment: The lungs breathe oxygen to fuel their bodies and eliminate carbon dioxide as waste. Another thing is that the brain contributes to the adjustment of breathing rate depending on your activity level.

That is how amazing the human body is and the natural processes that give it life. With this, it is important to prioritize health, especially in the time of the pandemic. With the help of an air ionizer in Singapore, you are doing so much for your health and everyone around you.

Let us explore the wonders of air filters in Singapore and how they can contribute to your overall well-being.


This is a serious health condition because it involves struggle when breathing. People who are suffering from this illness have inflamed bronchial tubes and triggers include pollutants like dust, pollen, or dust mites that can irritate the airways and lead to difficulty breathing. Another thing is Asthma cannot be permanently cured because it is caused by our complex immune systems. But don’t worry, as people with this condition can live a perfectly healthy life by taking preventive measures to avoid the frequency and severity of attacks.

So how can you do this? One way is to acquire an air filter in Singapore for your home or a portable device that you can take anywhere with you. These devices sanitize air that passes through them with the use of filters and technology to trap harmful particles that can trigger asthma attacks.

Indoor Environment

Your home is a personal space where you feel secure, and it is important to always have it clean and pristine because of the air you breathe. Enclosed spaces are not necessarily immune to external factors such as pollutants and dirt because windows are opened for air, people pass through doors when going in and out of the house, and sometimes your precious pets such as cats and dogs.

However, it should not worry anyone because of the availability of an air ionizer in Singapore that can help eliminate harmful pollutants in an enclosed space like your bedroom or the entire house. How do they work? Ionizers are devices that emit negative ions to attract particles such as tobacco smoke so they can clump together and land on surfaces such as walls, tables, and floors that can be cleaned afterwards. They just lessen the circulation of harmful particles in a particular space and this contributes to the overall maintenance of clean air.

An air ionizer in Singapore would benefit people living in that city because external pollutants brought by the city such as smoke from cars can be transmitted through your apartment windows. Another thing is the bustling city life and the amount of dirt that you can bring to your home after a full day at work. These are the reasons why they can be so beneficial when it comes to cleanliness and health.


Coronavirus Pandemic

The pandemic greatly affected our everyday lives: masks are now mandatory and preventive measures such as physical distancing are practiced. While the world is slowly recovering from initiatives such as vaccination, the effects of the pandemic cannot be denied as we are now more careful about how we interact with the environment. As a result, a portable air purifier in Singapore would be a useful essential for those who go out and immerse themselves in the busy life in the city.

These devices work the same as those purifiers for household use and the only difference is the size because portability is the main purpose. It can be a small device that you can wear as a necklace and take with you anywhere or a bigger one (about the size of a plastic coffee cup) that you can put in the car or your small office space. The advantage of the wearable device is how you can be protected while moving around from place to place and for the portable model, it is best used in a car where pollutants can be transmitted within an enclosed space.


Improves Sleep

A long day at work can stress you out and the only thing you look forward to is a good sleep at night. An air filter in Singapore can be useful for this purpose because people are working and productivity heavily depends on the amount of rest the person took during the last night. With that being said, these devices can aid in improving your sleeping pattern by obliterating harmful particles in the air that lead to sneezing, coughing, and other allergic reactions that disrupt sleep.

Unpleasant Odors

Our homes are not immune to pollutants and dirt because a lot of things are occurring inside that space. People come and go, use products ranging from food to cleaning agents, and external pollutants.

An air ionizer in Singapore is handy especially if you have a small space and unpleasant odors can flow easily. An instance would be the use of cleaning products with harmful chemicals, just use safety clothing for protection, turn on the air purifier, and you will not experience any odor from chemicals spreading in your surroundings. Another would be when cooking with oil and fragrant spices, a purifier can lessen the unpleasant smell.


The main reason to get a portable air purifier in Singapore is the benefits it offers such as the prevention of asthma attacks for those who suffer such illness, indoor spaces that are not immune to external pollutants, and the coronavirus pandemic that shaped how we interact with the environment. With the use of such devices, you are not just protecting yourself from harmful pollutants but also a way of contributing to the promotion of clean air.

To live is to breathe: visit Aurabeat to get to know how a portable air purifier in Singapore can serve its purpose in eliminating harmful air pollutants.

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