A Guide on how to send Goods to China

There has been a gradual increase in the number of people shipping goods to China may be it for a personal reason or business matters. It is mainly due to such cities in China like the famous Shanghai city, which is home to more than 200,000 foreigners. This has lead to more significant export of goods as people wish to send goods to China.  So here are a few steps that would guide you through the processes on how to send goods to China.

  • The first and the most challenging task is choosing the right courier service provider, someone who is trustable. There are lots and lots of courier companies all around in the market, but selecting the correct one is extremely critical. Everything depends on the courier, right from the packaging till dispatch, from shipping to door to door delivery. Thus the selection of an excellent service provider is imperative.
  • After this, the next step is taking a closer look at the courier firm selected. It means to check the company’s profile, its instructions, and everything, even its last records.
  • Customs Invoice: There is a bill prepared called customs invoice in which the details regarding the number of products and the name of the owner, the address for delivery and all the other mandatory fields are mentioned.
  • The critical point to be noted is that the owner has to disclose the individual value of each goods and luggage and give necessary information regarding the reason to export. This is done to safeguard the goods and be secure from any kind of theft or treachery.
  • Few points are such that if one is aware of the terms or gets full information beforehand, then one will surely be benefitted. Now, in the case, to send goods to China [ ส่งสินค้าไปจีน, Which is the term in Thai ] one gets exempted from duties and tax if the goods are between the ranges of 500 Yuan.
  • Gaining knowledge on restricted and prohibited items. One has to grab knowledge of all the items that are restricted in standard packaging. Goods like aerosols, dairy, furs, fresh foods, animals, ivory, seeds, tobacco, fragile items, alcohol, and many other things are restricted. For transporting food items, there is a different sector of courier and packaging which ensures safe and fast shipping of food and dairy products without any risk of damage.

So, these were the few steps which might help one who is planning to send goods to China at a very reasonable and affordable rate.

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