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4 Benefits of Using Custom Mold Injection

When manufacturing component parts or products using a custom mold injection is pivotal to create a strong, complex, and efficient product.  A designer is able to create a custom mold that meets specific criteria for the use and application.  Below, let’s examine some top benefits of using a custom mold injection design.


When creating a mold design, custom injection molding is by far the most efficient process.  The ability to turn out several complex parts in a matter of seconds not only saves time, but money.  Depending on the size and complexity of the mold, it usually takes about 20 seconds to complete one component before starting a new cycle.  Short production time and short cycling between parts makes for a more efficient process that is ultimately more cost effective.

Tackle Complex Parts

Creating custom, complex parts often requires a custom mold injection design.  By using a custom design, manufacturers are able to guarantee quality with complexity that can be difficult to achieve without custom styling.  Custom mold injection designs include many considerations that are often overlooked with conventional injection molding.  Elements such as weld lines, gate placements, and corner transitions are carefully considered to create an optimal product.  Complex parts are easily produced in high volume with a solid custom design.

Range of Materials and Colors

With a custom mold design, the range of possibilities is endless.  In recent years with the advancement of various polymers, plastic resin comes in a wide variety to choose from.  When selecting a resin, keep in mind that resins have different impact strengths, water absorption rates, and heat deflection.  Be sure to choose the right resin material to meet the need of the part or product.  Colors also have a wide range of options when working with a custom mold.  Just like materials, coloring techniques all have their own features which may work better for some applications.  Colors can be in a “salt and pepper” blend, master batch, pre-colored resins, or Liquid Color.

Increased Strength

One of the major benefits of using a custom mold injection design is the ability to work with a mold designer to specify the purpose and need of a particular part or product.  Understanding what parts must be flexible or rigid will impact the way the mold is built.  A designer will adjust the integral ribs or gussets to account for the design.  Working with the customer a designer will also be able to understand how the part is meant to be used, and whether certain parts of the component will be exposed.  With a custom mold injection the customer can be sure that the product will be designed specifically to the requirements needed to create a strong and durable product.

Creating a strong, long-lasting end product is the goal of any mold injection.  Using a custom design is a sure way to guarantee that the product will be strong, while complex, in the right configuration and design to suit the overall need and use of the product.  Custom mold injection design allows the designer to fully customize every aspect of the build.

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