Why Data Quality Management is So Important for Business

Data quality is a key part of any company’s business. It helps companies organize their information, set goals, and review their operations in order to improve over time. Millions of companies know about storing and securing data. But few company leaders fully understand the importance of paying for high quality standards for data. Management of the quality of data can help ensure that a company meets its goals and pays off its bills as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What is data quality?

Data quality is the ability of data to fit its purposes as decided by an individual, agency, or corporation. There are a number of factors that help an individual determine the quality of data. Quality can be determined by the accuracy and completeness of data in a set. It can be determined by how well data is organized and how easily it is sorted.

One may also determine quality of data by its relevance and how frequently it is updated. Management of this quality involves establishing practices and setting standards for quality of data along with plans for how to achieve quality goals. Achieving those goals is a difficult process that often relies on technological updates and training for a large number of employees. A comprehensive quality management plan may take months or even years to implement.

The importance of data

Data quality management helps power a large number of businesses. These businesses have become reliant on data in recent years. They receive data in the form of metrics, payment dates, and successful products or locations. This data has to be relevant and recent in order to be helpful for a company. For instance, companies need financial data to be updated frequently in order to know where money is and how it can be spent. Companies need accurate data to know where to expand and what locations they may need to open or close. Better operations for companies that have a high level of quality for data will result in a more efficient work product and a better bottom line.

A specialized field

Quality management is also important for business because of its specialized nature. It is a way that companies can gain an advantage over their competitors. Companies that streamline their data procedures and keep high quality of data standards are able to charge lower prices and provide services faster. Customers will gravitate to the company’s greater value and will provide more business as a result. Companies could potentially achieve this myriad of benefits without a significant investment on the front end.


Data quality management is not a field that companies should neglect in any way. Companies have to formulate a data governance structure and a management plan as quickly as possible. They need to implement that plan and receive input and support from upper management. Finally, they must keep employees involved and trained on new technology that reviews and upholds the quality of data. Keeping the quality of data as high as possible will help ensure that companies keep prices low, keep their operations organized, and eventually gain the upper hand on their competitors.

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