Why are the mobile banking apps fast becoming so popular?

By now, you will be using digital banking, especially through a mobile banking app. The pandemic forced people to stay indoors and get adapted to contactless or remote banking. The consumers who were once comfortable visiting the local branch of their bank were pushed to use digital banking services. With the introduction of a mobile app, online banking achieved increasing popularity.

With more and more people embracing mobile technology, mobile banking apps have reached dizzy heights within the last few years. The innovative features of apps have improved customer experience and enhanced their use.

You can conveniently apply for a bank account, transfer funds to other bank accounts, make quick payments, deposit money, and apply for a personal loan on a mobile banking platform conveniently. According to a recent survey, the popularity of mobile banking apps is growing due to the most valuable features they offer. 

Leading banks like IDFC FIRST Bank, have incorporated these innovative features to increase the net banking experience. Here are the essential ones that the users look for in 2022.

  • Check account balances by linking all bank accounts

IDFC FIRST Bank offers a unique user experience to its customers through its feature-rich mobile banking app. Customers are prompted to complete secure login authentication to prove their legitimacy. The net banking app allows you to link all your bank accounts with IDFC FIRST Bank or different banks on a single platform and have a quick view of the balances.

The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app allows you to customize the page according to your preferences to help you monitor your account balances and track recent transactions on the go. With this personalized approach, the customers can make the best use of the banking app sitting at home. You can do instant fund transfers from one account to another and manage money by linking your bank accounts.

  • Start a digital bank account

One of the most valuable features of a banking app is it helps you to start a digital saving account instantly. IDFC FIRST Bank provides an option to apply for a bank account online by filling out the account-opening application form and submitting it with scanned copies of the necessary documents online. 

The bank processes the application and completes the verification of your PAN Card and Aadhaar Card details through a video call. Once the account is activated, you will have safe and secured online banking by transferring funds and making payments. Other than this, you also get access to credit card management services, pre-approved loan offers, and investment options.

  • Schedule your payments

By now, people are used to digital payments when shopping or paying someone. They use different payment methods like credit cards, net banking, and UPI. When using credit cards, you avail of a certain amount of money as a loan, which you have to repay with interest. You can set up the payments of your credit card bills before the due dates to not to miss them. It will help you avoid paying late charges and save money. 

By setting early reminders on a net banking app, you can pay your bills on time and manage your account. The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app helps you pay your credit card and utility bills using Autopay, Adhoc, and Quick Pay payment methods.  

  • Choose your options to invest

With the banking app, you can apply for a trading bank account online and invest in securities such as debt funds and multi-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap mutual funds. The other options include investing in fixed and recurring deposit schemes, initial public offerings, sovereign gold bonds, and unit-linked insurance plans.

  • Set alerts and receive notifications

IDFC FIRST Bank keeps in touch with its customers through alerts and notifications. You can set alerts for unauthorized intrusions, bill payments, and low minimum balances. Also, you can opt for receiving notifications for payments received and other banking activities.

  • Budgeting

A banking app helps you gain insights into your spending habits through smart tools like the Income & Expenses Analyser, which helps you monitor your expenses, group them under different headings, and compare cash flows. Thus, you can be good at budgeting.

Banks are trying to offer more personalized services through the latest version of their banking app. If you are still looking for a unique personal net banking experience, don’t wait, download the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app now. 

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