Why are Elevators Essential for Hospitals?

In modern times, elevators can be found in a variety of places, ranging from apartment blocks to the residential properties to public shopping centres and hospitals, which of course is the topic at hand. As the top elevator manufacturer in Ahmedabad, you know very well how much of an important role, a hospital elevator plays in health care, especially when it comes to a medical emergency taking place. Hence, we are going to talk about a few reasons why a hospital elevator is so essential to a hospital:

  • Safe Transportation: It is a fact that the majority of patients in hospitals are mostly bed-bound, and for them an elevator offers the safest and most convenient way of transportation between the different floors of the building without having to put themselves at risk. After all, one cannot imagine a scenario where a patient, who has just had an eight-hour surgery, would have to use the stairs. The hospital elevator hence, as the top hospital elevator manufacturers in Ahmedabad can tell you, is such an important piece of machinery for the hospital environment.
  • Efficiency: For most parts of the hospital, an average working day is a very fast-paced one, hence it is extremely essential that patients and staff are able to get from one place to another in a quick and efficient manner. As the top elevator manufacturers in Ahmedabad, we can sympathise with the fact that after all, the doctor on duty is responsible for the care of hundreds of patients who are scattered across different floors, hence the best way to navigate between them is by the use of a hospital elevator.
  • Disability Awareness: Patients who are known as out-patients are considered to be low-risk patients. In fact, out-patients visit the hospital for a referral appointment after they have met their general practitioner. With this being said it is actually quite important to be able to cater to every member of the society and there are a lot of out-patients that are wheel-chair bound, or there may be some who may be considered a flight risk on the staircase. As a result of this, a hospital elevator is a much safer alternative
  • Ease of Transport: With the help of elevators, transportation becomes much easier. Patients can be easily lifted on to the higher floors or the hospital and this can be done really quickly without any hassles. Hospital elevator manufacturers in Ahmedabad, design the elevator in such a manner, that there is much less discomfort for the patient, doctor on any other medical staff. Hospital elevators help in making the transportation much quicker, swifter and easy.
  • Comfortable and Quick: Hospitals need elevators because they are much more comfortable and quicker than any other traditional mode of transportation. What can be achieved through manual labour in minutes or even hours, can be achieved in seconds by a hospital elevator. They provide comfort and convenience and hence are a long term solution to vertical transportation for individuals as well as equipment.
  • Easy Maintenance: Hospital elevator manufacturers in Ahmedabad, are now manufacturing hospital elevators that are energy efficient and require very low maintenance. Apart from that, the cost of running the elevators has also come down drastically. Elevators today are safer and easier to maintain, and most hospital elevator manufacturers Ahmedabad have very good AMCs or annual maintenance contracts, through which the elevators are up and running for extended periods of time.
  • More Economical: The running cost of a hospital elevator today is much less than what it used to be. Today elevators use advanced technology and are more energy-efficient. Apart from that hospital elevator manufacturers, providing a good AMC ensures that the elevator is always running in top-class condition.
  • Safer to Use: elevator today, are so much safer than what they used to be earlier. With the latest technology, elevators today are directly connected with generators and do not get stuck midway in case of the power outage. Moreover, with communication technology, help is always near you as you and you have telephones in the elevators which hospital elevator manufacturers in Ahmedabad make sure are connected directly to the emergency department.

Hospital buildings are often very large, with several floors, hence it is important that the nurses, doctors, surgeons and patients are either get to where they need to be in a quicker and safer manner. By having a good hospital elevator in place, hospital elevator manufacturers in Ahmedabad, are dramatically reducing the risk of transporting the sick patient and also making it easier for those with disabilities to find their way around. The elevator design is crucial to the purpose it is designed for. For example, capsule elevator Manufacturers in Ahmedabad design the perfect lifts for aesthetical enhancement of buildings, in the same way, hospital elevators are designed keeping the needs of the hospital in mind.

It’s a fact that a good hospital cannot do without a good elevator. It is an investment that every hospital or clinic has to consider, as it ends up saving on time and increases efficiency while also providing comfort and ease to the patients, doctors, staff and family members.

If you are looking for the best hospital elevators in town, as the top elevator manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Epic Elevators holds the key to all your needs. We understand the needs of emergencies and critical care that is staple in hospitals and our hospital elevators hence are designed to address all those issues and more.

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