What are the Advantages of an Open Office Layout?

Before delving deep into the pros of an open office, let’s understand the meaning of such construction. It is a workspace that has no enclosed rooms or spaces. It is executed in many ways like:

  1. Clusters of cubicles
  2. Large tables for workgroups
  3. Open lounge or break rooms
  4. Open desks

Advantages of Open Offices

  1. More team spirit

When people are working together, they tend to form close groups to strengthen their professional camaraderie and team spirit. They tend to feel more loyal and accountable towards one another. This kind of layout makes the environment more engaging for employees. And for the company, it can encourage more open interactions. Eventually, more camaraderie leads to more effective collaboration. Stendel + Reich found that this further leads to business advancements via innovation.

  1. More interactions lead to more efficient teamwork

What is evident about these open space layout is that people tend to interact frequently and with less formality. They go with one another and other senior staff members with questions. Offices with huge shared tables facilitate teamwork as they offer space for people to collaborate and work together.

  1. Efficient flow of information

Instead of walking from office to office, by skipping some meetings or on phone, when you have an open office layout, information flows more efficiently. Walls act as information barriers so it is better to have an open office layout.

  1. Your personnel needs are quickly accomplished whenever there are any changes

When there is a turnover within a company, it can cause snafus, but when it comes to moving offices around, this snafus can exacerbate. But when you have an open office layout, you can make adjustments easily. Whenever new personnel comes in, you just have to add a chair where there is space available. If someone leaves, easy adjustments can be made so that you don’t have an unused office space.

  1. Open office layouts are budget friendly

Open places need less work in order to set up. Means, there will be fewer walls and a lot of resources can be saved. They are also energy efficient, and this will be reflected on the energy bills as well. It also makes sharing office equipment easier. Now not every department will need separate office equipment. Employees can simply share them across and save time and money at the same time.

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