What are Prohibited and Restricted Items When you are Sending Goods to Korea?

Every parcel when internationally out of the boundary of EU, needs custom clearance. Usually a custom invoice also called packaging list is generated in the booking procedure. Along with it, shippers also need to ensure that they are sending any item which is prohibited or restricted. You can consult your carrier to find out the list of prohibited and restricted items for South Korea. You can also log on to the official Korean Customs Services websites to know about it in detail

Transit times to Korea

Basically, with Express delivery services to Korea, it normally takes 2 to 3 days, while the economy services are estimated to take around 4 -7 days. However, all these are estimated and additional time may be needed for delivery to remote and distant locations.

List of prohibited and restricted items when you send goods to Korea are given below:

There are a few rules which a shipper needs to keep in mind when shipping goods to Korea. Some goods such as perfume are considered hazardous and may be banned. You can see a list of goods which are not carried for your shipping company on their list of restricted items. South Korea has more open border in comparison to the nation’s northern neighbour, but there are still a few things which the customs of South Korea don’t let through.

Hence, when you send good to Korea for delivery, you need to ensure that only the goods are permissible to be shipped but also they are allowed in the nation.

  1. Counterfeit currency
  2. All types of media which may be harmful to the customs or public safety.
  3. Items which have confidential info on the government as well as intelligence actions.
  4. All types of arms in any form along with replica and decorative arms.
  5. Overdraft check, cashier check, postal money order and more

Needs of packing list

Usually a packing list is needed if you have more than one package on one air waybill or when your shipment is more than 100kgs. However, this requirement differs from one shipment company to another. Hence, you should first get in touch with the shipment company and discuss these major details about goods, weight, dimension and quantity.

License and other documentations

Some of the products need a special license or other documentation either from the source location or the destination because of particular clearance processes.

When you are shipping to locations like Korea, China, you may need to fulfil and submit need of additional documentation which is needed under the law of the location nation. Precise completion of the document will help the custom professionals to process your shipment more quickly and effectively. SME Shipping is your one stop solution to send all kinds of legit goods and products to Korea. So, if you have to send goods to Korea [ส่ง ของ ไป เกาหลี, which is the term in Thai], then log on now and get immediate assistance in this regard.

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