Ways To Maximise The Effectiveness Of Your CCTV Cameras

A CCTV camera in Singapore has been an effective tool for deterring criminals from attacking and breaking into homes, offices, and commercial establishments for the past decades. 

CCTV cameras are the primary tool of private and public groups and institutions for enhancing the security measures of properties. You can see a CCTV installation on Singapore streets, shops, and other public and recreational spaces. On the other hand, private individuals equip their homes with CCTV systems. Corporations also install CCTV systems in the building in Singapore. 

There are still debates regarding the effectiveness of CCTVs. Yes, they are an effective visual deterrent. Apart from crime prevention, a CCTV camera in Singapore can help with crime investigation and solving cases.

But do you know that you can still maximise the effectiveness ofCCTV cameras in Singapore? Placing them in the right spots and being up to date for maintenance and upgrade will raise its efficacy and productivity as the primary security solution tool. Continue reading this article to learn more. 

Know Where To Place Your Cameras

Perhaps, the most effective way to maximise the effectiveness of CCTV cameras is to identify the strategic spots you can place your security cameras. It is similar to posting cops to the areas where the crime rate is high. Here are the most strategic spots where you can install your CCTV camera in Singapore.

Entrance and Exit Points

People love to flock in office buildings, transportation stations, and commercial establishments, including malls, shops, entertainment buildings, and restaurants. Generally, it is hard to monitor people who rush in, out, and stay in these places. 

The best way to keep tabs on them is by having a CCTV installation in Singapore at the entrance and exit points. You can see and identify people who enter and leave your premises. For office buildings, it is easy to recognise trespassers from the employees if you have a CCTV camera by the entry and exit door. 

There are a few things you need to consider when installing CCTV cameras in entrance and exit points. The light source is vital in capturing sharp and crisp images and footage. Entrance and exit points have access to sunlight. On the other hand, the light source changes during the night. Choose a CCTV camera in Singapore that automatically adjusts in low and bright light. 

On top of that, you should place the camera near visually catchy items like signs, posters, and monitors. Security cameras can capture a clear image of the person’s face at the perfect angle. 


Business establishments like shops and restaurants and offices have storerooms. Storerooms hold supplies, equipment, and sensitive documents. At the same time, a storage room is an enclosed space that gets visits from very few people. 

Because it is an unfrequented area, it is easy for the staff to bag supplies and items discreetly. Storage rooms can also be the hideout of illicit activities and transactions. 

Furthermore, burglars also target storage rooms and rob of supplies.

Placing CCTV in the storeroom in Singapore increases the visibility by recording anyone entering and taking supplies from the room. 

A CCTV camera somehow protects your supplies, documents, equipment, and other property of the company. 

Point of sale 

Transactions in commercial establishments happen at the cashier counter. It is advisable to place a CCTV camera in Singapore that covers the cash counter. CCTV cameras can record employees who are taking or not putting the money from the register. You can also catch employees who are till-tapping, shortchanging and change-raising customers. 

Moreover, criminals who are trying to rob a store go to the cash register first. A CCTV camera pointing at the cashier counter can help identify these armed criminals.

CCTV footage in Singapore can also help fraud investigation by identifying people who pay using fake money, stolen and counterfeit credit and debit cards. 


Apart from equipping your building inside, you can also enhance the security outside. Outdoor proximities include hedges, car parks, and dumpsters. 

Crimes happen in these areas like robbery, assault, and property damage. It can be an entry and exit point for criminals as well. HavingCCTV installation in these areas in Singaporeenhances the safety of your staff and customers outside your building. 

Knowing where to place your security cameras increases your chance of catching hoodlums red-handed. Another way to maximise the effectiveness of your CCTV system in Singaporeis through up to date maintenance. 


CCTV Camera Maintenance Checklist In Singapore

Upkeep is the key in maintaining the footage quality, uninterrupted feed, and secure housing. Regular maintenance extends the life of your CCTV installation in Singaporeno matter how exposed it is to environmental damages. 

Camera lens

The lenses play a vital role in capturing sharp images and footage– your CCTV’s primary job. Outdoor and indoor CCTV cameras are prone to accumulate dust, smudges, and water spots. These things can obscure the camera’s view. Clean yourCCTV camera in Singapore with a microfibre cloth regularly. 

Also, make sure that the lens is pointing at the right spot and its view is not obstructed by foliage, cobwebs, and other objects. 

Camera Housing

The housing protects your camera from external damages, including vandalism, rain and extreme hit, mud, and condensation. There areCCTV cameras available in Singapore with water and heat resistant housing. However, you can still add more protection by applying a waterproof silicon cover, camouflage skin, or create a camera enclosure. 


There should be no exposed and cut wires. Sound and image distortion and poor transmission are signs of grounded and broken cables. 

Main control

From the primary control, you adjust the appropriate brightness and exposure of the footage. Check if the camera adheres to the pan, tilt, zoom remote control. Make sure that it has the correct date and time. The footage must be saved automatically.


Enhance and maximise the capability and effectiveness of yourCCTV in Singapore by knowing the perfect spot to place them and maintaining it to their optimum condition. 

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