Ways to Create the Best Banner

So, you want to run an advertising campaign? Okay!! The problem is you don’t know how to design a banner to get best results. Well, here is a step by step guide to help you design the best banner for your project and get amazing results.

How to create an amazing banner?

  1. Well, first you need to focus on the size of the banners. As per a research, 89% of all the banners are made in 4 sizes:
  • 300×250 medium rectangle
  • 728×90 leaderboard
  • 320×50 mobile leaderboard
  • 160×600 skyscraper

If you are just starting in banner making, then it is advisable that you choose any of the 4 common sizes and fulfil your advertising needs. Now, with the size in your hand, you need to focus on the background.

  1. Basically there two ways to choose the background for your banner:


  1. Solid color background
  2. Photo background

Solid background banner enhances the messages and radiates a natural contrast to white CTA background. This background matches the product colors and gives a good image result.

If your product has a lot to tell the viewers, then it is not good to distract the views with a lot of detailing in the background. So, you should use solid colors to get your message across.

Photo background banners are used when you don’t have physical products to be displayed in your banner. It leads to a messy background but it is made sure that the message is clearly in contrast with the background. You can use this background if there are no physical products to display.

  1. Write winning headlines for your banners

Use the art of saying a lot with few words. Do not cram too much details in your banners and make it look messy. Be clear and precise with your message.

  1. Keep it simple and short as people do not have time to go through 5 sentences on banner ads
  2. Be clear with what you want to communicate.
  3. Be witty and use clever slogans.


  1. Do you need sub headings for your banner?

Firstly, know what a sub-heading is? It is a one or two sentence written below the headline. Often people like to explain their headlines by adding few more lines to their banners.

  1. Should you use pictures in your banners?

Remember, images sell. Especially if you want people to click on your banner and buy your products immediately. People like to know what they are purchasing before they click and your banner can help them do so. So, display clear and good quality images.

  1. Have a CTA and make it really good

The CTA or call to action is what explains people to do next. It is nothing but a natural instinct to ask people to do something. CTA aims to answers that question. Mention your mail ID, chat ID or phone number to answer all the queries your client have.

With these ways, you must have got an idea of how to design a banner [วิธีออกแบบแบนเนอร์, which is the term in Thai].


Thanks for the support