Understanding and Removing Graffiti

When you want to get rid of graffiti that was painted without your consent on the walls or sidewalks of your business, the best thing to do first is try to understand how it was applied. Most graffiti is done with aerosol paint cans and spray paint, which stick to surfaces and dry quickly.

This makes it very hard to remove because it bonds to wherever it is sprayed to and that bond is hard to break. It takes more than soap and water to shatter the bond, and instead requires things like tough bristled brushes, paint scrapers, or wire brushes.

Graffiti can be removed keeping four factors in mind. The first is time, where the longer a remover sits on graffiti, the deeper it will penetrate and the harder it will be to remove. Second is temperature, and the warmer the graffiti remover is, the more effect it will have. The third is agitation, which is why wire brushes and things that scrape the graffiti off are effective.

Finally, the fourth is the chemical used to remove the graffiti. Using the right chemical for the right surface can break the bonds without the risk of damaging the underlying material. When the affected surfaces are historical or sensitive in nature, this factor is very important.

Still, some surfaces require something even stronger to remove the graffiti; they require dustless blasting.

Using dustless blasting for your paint removal needs can provide the pressure needed to shatter the bonds that graffiti forms with the surface once and for all. Then you can remove every trace of paint, unlike some of the non-blasting removal techniques that can leave an outline behind. Dustless blasting is eco-friendly when thechosen company uses recycled glass as the fuel for their abrasive.

The crushed up shards of glass are mixed with water, and then the mixture is shot out of the sprayer like a massive firehose. The pressure, along with the natural hardness of the glass, will be able to get your graffitied surface as clean as a whistle.

Plus, there’s no residue or harmful dust left behind from the procedure, so the paint removal will be done without interrupting your workday. Just wipe up the water or let it evaporate, and then the surface is yours again.

The graffiti removal Melbourne service provided by specialists like The Men In Black will come into your workplace and remove the graffiti without any trouble for you. Unlike traditional dust blasting, dustless blasting for paint removal doesn’t need any big suits or special equipment. Plus, you won’t need to close down the business or wait until you have a day off.

It’s just a mixture of glass and water, and dustless blasting can remove stains from wood, concrete, brick, and several other surfaces, leaving behind a high-quality finish for you.

Companies can come in and get your surface clean, without interrupting your day or causing any other problems. Plus, you can be confident that the surface will look just like it did before the graffiti came around, allowing you to repaint or use the surface as you wish.

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