Top Benefits Of Wood Effect Tiles

Wood effect tiles have many benefits aside from the fact that they are ultra-stylish, hardwearing and long-lasting they also instantly add character to a home; unfortunately, something that many new build properties today lack. So, if you are considered adding this stylish addition to your home, here’s why we think you should.

  • Robust

Wood effect tiles are incredibly robust, even more so than actual real wood. Adding these additions in porcelain or ceramic is great if you are seeking something that won’t easily get damaged. These tiles can withstand almost anything, heavy furniture, high heels, you name it, and they won’t scratch, chip or crack easily.

  • Anti-fade

Unfortunately, many floor materials fade and this tends to become more apparent when things are moved, such as furniture, carpets and rug. Wood, in particular, has the disadvantage of this, where over time we notice fading and bleached areas, usually caused by the sun. Wood effect tiles do not fade at all, so no matter what you do, you can rest assured that these tiles will maintain their natural shade.

  • Enhances creativity

We love the fact that wood effect tiles allow freedom to be creative with design, you can literally lay them out; however, you like and create any design you wish, and they will look fabulous. Popular design choices tend to be the classic grid, brick-bond, borders and centrepieces.

  • Low maintenance 

Wood effect tiles are incredibly easy to care for; they are waterproof and resistant to staining. When it comes to cleaning you are free to clean as you generally would, vacuum, sweep and mop with any regular floor cleaner you wish, and it will not harm or hurt the quality of the tile.

  • Good range of colours

When it comes to choosing a shade of wood effect tile, you are spoilt for choice because the variety is wide. There is a vast amount of choice and options to explore from deep mahogany and dark oak to light oak, greys and beiges.

  • Anti-warp

It’s no secret that one of the disadvantages of using real wood is that over time it tends to warp, especially if it gets rather wet but also the temperature can have a significant impact on real wood and lead to warping too. Wood effect tiles do not have this problem, they are secured to a fixed base and never move for a start, but also they withstand any moisture and heat due to their robust quality.

  • Underfloor heating

Adding underfloor heating to a real wood floor is generally a health and safety hazard due to the risk it poses, but with wood effect tiles you are free to add this extra warmth to your home if you so wish.

  • Dirt trap

Adding wood effect flooring to areas of high traffic such as hallways and kitchens is great as they act as a barrier, catching the outside dirt before it gets spread around the rest of the home.Any debris are easily cleaned up from a tiled floor.

  • Easily repaired

If a tile were to get damaged, for whatever reason, it’s no issue really as these tiles are individually laid, and you can easily pop one out and replace for a brand new one, simple!

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