Top 8 gate valve manufacturers in India 

Gate valves perform a really integral function in different industries that extensively use liquids in their operations. The manufacturing process of gate valves is as Follows.

A gate valve consists of the body of the valve with a structure having three ways. 

The upper end of the valve has an opening which is connected with a valve cover.

The valve body comprises of a valve stem which is vertically connected with a

handwheel from the upper end and the lower end of the valve stem is connected with

A valve plate for switching on and off and controlling it. On the lower end of the valve

body, a left connecting pipe and a right connecting pipe are inserted respectively on

the left and right openings and relatively arranged. Adjacent to the valve plate are the

inner ends of the left and right connecting pipes which are provided with a valve seat.

Later, the outer part of the left and right connecting pipes are respectively fixed with

the left and right side surfaces of the valve body after being welded. During this

whole process of manufacturing, all the parts of the gate valve are formed and

processed separately and finally assembled together.


Top gate Valve Suppliers:

(i)  Fluid line valves company limited

Incorporated in 1973, Fluid line has been one of the leading gate valve manufacturers for designing high-quality gate valves. Their valves are employed across the globe in various industries like power, steel, oil and natural gas etc. What makes them the best gate valve manufacturers is their expertise in this field along with the highly efficient after-sale services which help them to gain customer support and satisfies the customer too. This is why they have been able to offer comprehensive flow control solutions for all industrial requirements.

(ii)  FBV Inc.

Based out in Houston, it is one of the leading gate valve manufacturers in the world and has been certified by ISO 9001. They design and produce different kinds of valves such as gate valves, glass valves, ball valves and many others and are known to provide customised solutions to their clients, with respect to the latest industrial standards. They today have 600,000 square feet manufacturing facilities through which they have established them as the serious and best player in the valve market around the world.

(iii) Fluid chem valves private limited

Just in two decades, a company that has been able to make its name in providing reliable and efficient manufacturing solutions to all kinds of industries is Fluidchem valves private limited. It has a dominant share as a successful gate valve manufacturer in India as well as around the globe.  It has also pioneered the concept of Portable Valve Maintenance Equipment in India

(iv)  Amco Industrial Valves

Beginning its journey in 1986, Amco has made itself the industry leader among gate valve manufacturers. It is a group of innovative people designing different kinds of valves along with well-planned installation varying according to circumstances.

(v)  Drake Oilfield Supply Incorporation

Aiming to be the leading gate valve manufacturer, Drake oil field was found in 2008 with a goal to earn its goodwill in the North American region. With technological advancements, new and different products and services, the Drake oil field has been able to satisfy customers with a good quality product, offering customer service and integrity in business conduct.

(vi)  JVS Engineers

Being one of the well-recognized firms in design, engineering and manufacturing make JVS an emerging gate valve manufacturer in the Indian market. It is also known for its high-quality pressure control equipment including drilling spool, spacer spool etc.

With more than 25 years of experience, it has been able to create a strong base of its customers through its commitment, quality and timely delivery. Their main focus is to produce innovative, quality and application engineered products.

(vii) Boteli Valve Group company limited

Located in Pudong, district of Shanghai, China, Boteli valve group was founded in the year 1988. After Boteli, Pudong has developed manifolds and is now home to trade zones, stock exchanges and well-known infrastructures. And since its beginning, Boteli has been moving forward for good.

Today, the company is supplying its products to more than 50 countries around the globe to emerge as the leading gate valve manufacturer in China and has already earned a good name in the global market. It primarily focuses on manufacturing valves of different kinds, steel ball valves, gate valves, globe valves etc.


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