Top 10 startup ideas which are trending in 2019

‘Starting up’ is a new way to earn a living. Being your own boss has struck a chord with wannabe entrepreneurs. If you are wondering what business ideas are trending, here are top 10 of 2019

Food delivery

With food delivery apps now becoming a mantra for today’s customers, opening a food delivery shop makes economic sense. You don’t need to open a big restaurant with tens of lakhs of investment in leasing/buying a space. All you need is a base kitchen and a customer service system that can dish out food to customers. As you grow your enterprise and reach more locations, you can take help of Tata Capital to get business loan funding with zero collateral up to Rs 50 lakh.


People are getting health conscious. Not just food, people want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore starting a gym may be a great business idea. Start small with a fully equipped modern gym in your neighbourhood. Keep your monthly rentals lows and hire some good gym coaches. Youngsters, housewives, retired and even children today understand the value of sweating it out at a gym. If you need capital, business loans are always there to meet your requirements.

Pet care centre

 For many millennials, keeping a pet like a dog, a cat or a hamster is considered ‘cool’. However, it is a fact that get sick often. Therefore opening a pet care centre makes sense. Pets do not require a lot of space like humans. Arrange pet doctors and attach a small clinic where furry friends can get medical attention. If it suits customer potential, you can even open a pet salon to rake in the moolah.  

Plastic alternative

The world over, environment is getting a lot of focus. This means ‘plastic’ is a bad word. India is preparing to get rid of single-use plastic usage. Therein lies a big business opportunity. Plastic alternatives like jute fit well with the social as well as economic agenda. You can set up a plastic alternative production unit or deliver the finished plastic alternative in the form of bags. Tata Capital provides business loans to new businesses on flexible repayment terms. 

Custom beauty products

The need for customization is not new. People go to the tailor to get their dresses custom-made. The Indian beauty market is expected to exceed $20 billion by 2025. Customizing beauty products is a big business idea. Think about it — your skin, hair, and face are unique. With a beauty salon that customizes products as per customer’s preferences, your business can be a big hit. Explore financing options including business loans to grow fast.

Online coaching

An average Indian spends 2.5 hours per day on the mobile internet. This has made a lot of businesses redundant. If people can do the job online, why would they look elsewhere? Therefore online coaching is a brilliant idea to start a business today. Online delivery of coaching, classes, and study material means your costs are ultra-low, but you can charge a premium for the convenience. To grow, use funding through business loans in India

Digital campaign

The world is becoming digital. Marketing campaigns are being done digitally. A digital campaign business can be your ticket to riches. Every online business needs tailor-made digital campaigns to attract customers. With a digital campaign company, you can serve top cities as well as smaller towns. This may be the face of advertising agencies in the future. 

Foreign language centre

Knowing one language is not enough. To succeed in this fast-paced world, it is time to know foreign languages like Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian, etc. Setting up a foreign language centre can solve this situation, and let you earn a handsome profit. All you need to start is one centre and a few teachers; you can always expand your foreign language business with help of business loan financing later.

Catering business

Be it birthday, wedding or funeral, catering is one business that always fits the occasion. Catering is a recession-proof service line because arranging food and serving to hundreds of guests is not an easy job. From personal events to corporate jobs, catering can target a large customer base and charge good money per guest. If you can maintain food quality and guest experience, you can reach for the sky in the catering business.  

Candid photography

Smartphones have powerful cameras, but candid photography is a sought-after business today. With the ability to earn over a lakh rupee a day at one event, candid photography with professional cameras and light setting is a money-making business line. Cost of camera and crew maintenance are the big costs, apart from setting up your own office for this business. Leave your financing worries and approach Tata Capital who can arrange for you to get a business loan within days.

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