Tips For Purchasing a Used Forklift

Different Types You Can Find on The Market

Taking a used forklift comes with numerous benefits.

For instance, you can save money in the long run, which is vital for small businesses that require handling requirements.

You should know that buying used equipment comes with certain risks, which may cost you more than buying a new one. As soon as you click here, you will learn everything about forklift safety.

Therefore, you should follow a few tips that will help you determine the best course of action.

Choose a Right Type

For most people, forklift trucks look the same and act the same. However, that is not the case because we can differentiate various options depending on the model you wish to get. Therefore, you should address a few questions before choosing any truck for your purposes.

For builders, forklifts are the most powerful vehicles. It does not matter whether you wish to move heavy loads on the construction field or warehouse because they can help you deal with bulk humans cannot.

Therefore, they are essential for job sites. Before you choose any new or used model, you should determine the models, styles, and options you can find on the market.

1.   Warehouse

When it comes to warehouse forklifts, you should know that we are talking about the most popular and recognizable lift truck. It is similar toa golf cart combined with twin forks from the front.

You will use it in facilities with a large number of inventories. At the same time, these trucks are perfect for unloading and loading pallets and balanced materials. You can also use them for transporting and removing items from delivery vehicles.

2.   Side Loader

Although it is a subtype of warehouse option, you should know they come in manufacturing facilities and steel service centers that use bulky and heavy items.

The operator stands in the sideway compartment while the side loader will unload objects, similarly as the name suggests, on its side.

Since it comes with sideways operation, these modes can drive along with the racks and unload/load without turning as other options. That makes them perfect for dealing with long loans of pipes and timber in narrow aisles.

Watch this video: to understand everything about forklifts.

3.   Counterbalance Forklift

You can choose another trendy option because it comes with forks on the front and back. That way, a vehicle can counterbalance the load’s weight, which can take more than a regular one.

They do not feature extending arms, which means they can move directly to the load. Of course, we can differentiate a few counterbalances forklift options. You can choose the three-wheel variant, perfect for maneuvering and turning in circles.

On the other hand, a stand-up counterbalance forklift allows operators to hop on and off between loads. The most popular manufacturers and brands are Toyota and Mitsubishi, among others.

4.   Telehandler

Telescopic or reach forklift is also known as telehandler. It comes with an extendable arm and boom, making it a combination of forklift and crane. You can attach the twin forks to the arm and move pallets from the ground.

You can easily handle 5,500 pounds of materials up to ninety feet in the air. There are perfect for handling and reaching into odd angles and tight areas.

Since their popularity is continually growing, you can find a wide array of brands, including Bobcat, Genie, Caterpillar, JCB, and many more.

5.   Industrial Forklift

When it comes to an industrial or large-capacity forklift, you can combine telehandler with warehouse type. Although it cannot handle challenging angles as a telehandler, it can reach greater heights than other options you can find on the market.

Besides, it can handle a heavier load than other solutions, which is an important consideration to remember. The industrial forklift can handle thirty thousand pounds, but you need that kind of power on heavy-duty, specialized jobs.

Its utility is narrow in scope compared with warehouse and telehandler options. The most popular brands are Mitsubishi and NACCO Industries. You should check out the tips for purchasing a used forklift, which will provide you with the information you need.

6.   Rough Terrain

A straight mast or rough terrain model is perfect for outdoor job sites, especially if you wish to handle it on uneven surfaces. You can rest assured because they all come with pneumatic tires, meaning they can easily take the rocky ground.

The special tires come with large threads, which will offer you higher stability and balance for transporting materials safely than other options. If you deal with indoor operations, we recommend you choose another type.

However, you should get this type if you need a lift truck for construction sites or other outdoor applications.

7.   Pallet Jack

Using Pellet Jacks is perfect for natural terrain. We can also call them pump trucks, meaning they cannot handle large loads due to their small size.

Instead of power, they are compact and small, which will allow you to fit them into tight areas and lift small areas where you cannot place other types.

Although you will sacrifice maneuverability and power, you can rest assured that they are more affordable than other options you can find on the market.

8.   Walkie Stacker

Compared with other types mentioned above, Walkie stackers are specific in utility and strange. They do not feature cabs. Instead, the operator walks behind them and steers them using an attached handle.

Similarly,like the Pallet Jack, they do not come with significant power, speed, or maneuverability.

However, they are perfect in case you need a taller pallet jack. This option can reach higher off the grounds than a pallet jack, which is essential to remember.

By checking here, you will learn everything about forklift training.

Of course, you can also find an order picker, which is a subtype of walkie stacker. It is commonly used to deliver and pack materials from storage. It can reach up to thirty-two feet, meaning they can lift to warehouse racks and carry units you need.

They are perfect for storage facilities and warehouses because they can bring down full loads and pallets. Due to its versatile design can handle materials of different sizes, including furniture or car parts.

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