The World’s Top Entertainment Companies 

With the world becoming more and more connected, the entertainment industry just keeps getting bigger. People who love movies, documentaries, amusement parks, and more are the Education Websites obvious winners here. But the following entertainment companies are also raking it the fruits of their strategic expansion in this industry. 


Comcast was founded by Ralph Roberts, and his family still controls the company. The family members own only 1% of the total shares Forex Brokers List and all of the Class B voting shares. 

NBCUniversal, which has NBC under its wings, as well as related cable channels and Universal Studios, provides Comcast a dominant position in the production and broadcast of TV programs and movies. 

It is also a big player in the theme park industry through Universal, with an annual revenue of more than $23 billion.

Comcast firstly bought 51% of NBCUniversal from Genera Electric in 2011. Then, it bought the remaining 49% in 2013. 


The CBS Corporation has an annual net income of around $2 billion. It owns CBS TV broadcast network and other related production and distribution facilities, including CBS Records, CBS Sports, and CBS Studios.

Like many of its rivals, CBS is trying to remain successful with the cord-cutting generation. The changes it implements include adding a fee-based, on-demand component to its broadcast TV shows to enable and profit from viewers who choose to watch shows at a future date.


AT&T bought DirecTV in July 2015. DirecTV is a satellite TV service and the biggest provider of TV subscriptions in the United States. 

This company more than 20 million subscribers and more than $30 billion in revenue. It focuses on broadcasting out-of-market sports events to homes and bars, with large offerings of TV programs and movies on demand.

The company faces challenges from Netflix and Amazon, with the cord-cutting generation moves to streaming services that can be accessed everywhere. 

Dish Network 

Dish Network Corporation is a satellite television and internet company. The company launched the video-streaming service Sling TV in February 2015 in an attempt to appeal to the cord-cutting generation and compete with Amazon and Netflix. 

The service offers the popular channels such as ESPN, Disney Channel, and AMC. It had also added HBO as a premium option. 


Netflix Inc. was launched in 1997 as a DVD rent-by-mail service. It dominated the DVD rental market. Eventually, it killed Blockbuster Entertainment by pushing it out of business. 

The company is widely considered to be the industry leader in the rapidly growing on-demand media industry. 

Netflix still offers physical DVDs because they are still highly popular with some customers. Also, some studios have been resistant to licensing their movies for streaming.

The company boasts more than $65 million subscribers, continuing to roll its streaming service worldwide. 

Time Warner

Time Warner, which now operates as Warner Media, was launched in 1990 via through the merger of Warner Communications and assets from Time Inc. 

The firm’s business segments include film production and distribution along with several cable networks.

Time Warner owns the HBO and Cinemax premium cable networks. HBO has been a leader in original programming since “The Sopranos” premiered in 1999.

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