The List of Top Offshore Drilling Companies

Offshore drilling is a process of extraction of petroleum below the sea-bed. There are many operations involved in the process of offshore drilling. It includes various mechanical activities. These operations are divided between technicians. Different foundations provide the various mechanical services required for offshore drilling. Let us have a look at some of the top offshore drilling companies across the world.

ASAP Fluids Pvt. Ltd.:

It was established in 2010, a Mumbai based company. A premier drilling fluids supplier of India. Their motto is “Adapt Solutions, Adopt Practicality.” They aim at providing fluid-related solutions to most drilling operations.


Established through a merger by Ensco and Rowan in 2019, one of the leading and advanced rig fleet in the world based in London. They have a working branch in most major cities across the globe.


An Italy based company for the oil and gas industry since 1957. Saipem is known for their innovative designs and construction of pipelines. They operate in more than 60 countries. Their operations involve working in harsh environments.

Maersk Drilling:

A four-decade-old Denmark based company that is widely recognized. Maersk’s extensive fleet enables safe and efficient drilling that can be used for global exploration and production. A proficient workforce is enabling their path to the top.

Aban Offshore Ltd.:

Started as a construction company and then expanded into the offshore drilling industry. Drilling, production and exploration are among the various services provided to the customer by the firm. A Chennai based industrial firm that houses expert minds.

Framework Offshore LLC:

An oil field service firm. Shipyard assistance, moving, and inspection is of the various services they provide. The framework is a consulting agency. They focus on efficient budgeting and improving communications, workforce, thus improving safety.


They provide for both on and offshore rigs and production equipment. They aim to achieve equipment with the best shock and vibration specifications and the broadest operating temperature range.

Global Petroleum Valves Pte Ltd.:

This firm produces drill stem valves. Identified as the premier global manufacturer. Precision machined and designed to last through the pace. It is a Singapore based firm.

Bassore Technology:

A Sweden based, internationally recognized, offshore drillship production unit. Design portfolio includes drilling, well intervention, tender drilling, accommodation, and floating production.

Grup Servicii Petroliere:

A Romanian company with eight mobile offshore drilling rigs- GSP Atlas, GSP Fortuna, GSP Jupiter, GSP Magellan, GSP Orizont, GSP Prometeu, GSP Saturn, and GSP Uranus. They also operate various other mechanical machinery with expertise.

Ge Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd.:

A Chinese company with the head office situated in Beijing. Specializing in directional drilling tech and related services. They look forward to providing innovative solutions and maintenance services for onshore and offshore drilling rigs on an international scale.

The above are the various firms in the industry that provide the required manpower, consultation, equipment services and maintenance services. Offshore drilling involves various other operations other than drilling. Offshore drilling is a tedious operation. It is more demanding when compared to onshore operations. This is due to the harsher environmental conditions and remote areas where the drilling takes place. A floating system may be lower in expense in the offshores than a fixed platform; offshore manned facilities also present logistics and human resource challenges. An offshore oil platform is a small community in itself. They have the requirements with cafeteria, sleeping quarters, management and other support functions and a few recreational options sometimes.

A chopper transports the staff members for their required shifts, and the duration depends on their contract. The man force working offshore usually receives a higher salary than onshore workers do. Supplies and waste are transported by a ship. The supply deliveries need careful planning due to limited storage space on the platform, and it should maintain a balance on the platform. The platform will not be able to hold too much weight. The dynamic nature of the platforms introduces many challenges for the drilling and production facilities. These challenges are tended to with the help of the many globally active firms like the ones listed above.


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