The Best Self-Assessment Software for Accountancy Professionals

For any professional in the accountancy industry, you will know just how hard an industry this is to be a part of. With so much going on and the constant need for accuracy, it’s essential that you arm yourself with the right tools. In a bid to do that, we recommend that you take a look at the best self-assessment software for those in the accountancy industry. For example, many accountants are now using BTC Software. This has become a popular choice for accountants and bookkeepers who wish to make sure they can handle self-assessment for their clients easier.

As you know, the self-assessment process is one that is rife with confusion and uncertainty for those who are taking part. That is why we recommend that you look to make sure that your clients can get a much easier time in managing their books. To help make sure that self-assessment is as successful as it can be for each of your clients, you need to make some informed decisions. This means making an investment in good software that allows you to:

  • Easily handle their requests and fill in their Self-Assessment forms.
  • Improve accuracy and reduce the risk of information being incorrect or unverifiable.
  • Reduce problems with the return, ensuring that it meets all HMRC requirements.
  • Easily file and then look over their Self-Assessment return to ensure its above board.
  • Work with the problems that are present to find solutions and make the return suitable.
  • Handle disputes and clearly see the problems which are at hand for each client.

If you can get into a position whereby you can do this, you are much more likely to be able to provide a suitable service to your customers. People hire you for accuracy, which BTC Software helps provide.

Why do you need self-assessment software?

You could do things ‘the old way’, and manage each case by hand. With software, you get so many useful tools for easy calculations and inputs that you can quickly minimise any risk and/or stress involved in the creation of a full self-assessment return for your client. This helps you to spend less time doing the basics, and more time filling in the key information that your clients need you to deal with.

It also will make sure that you can easily have access to all of the relevant, up-to-date information about any returns being handed in. Should any problems and/or disputes come up at this stage, it’s much easier to find solutions as this software will specifically reduce the amount of time and or/money that you need to invest into the process.

Now, you can spend less time getting frustrated by going through the same old self-assessment situations over and over again. With BTC Software, you quickly remove the stress involved in putting together an accurate, easy to read, and HMRC-friendly self-assessment return.

You can get more done and spend less time doing so. If that does not sound useful to your accountancy practice, what is? 

Thanks for the support