The benefits of the Airvisor 2 Sperian Air Fed Mask

Are you aware of the advantages surrounding Airvisor 2 Sperian Air Fed Masks? This type of safety item – supplied by top companies such as SFEG – is manufactured to be usable in a range of different workplaces, proving to allow regular breathing without a possibility of health hazards.

Airvisor 2 Sperian Air Fed Mask?

This air fed mask is the ultimate solution to avoiding health risks when working with airborne substances that can be inhaled. Used in industrial companies, the overall function consists of the mask covering your nose and mouth, whilst also supplying air through its own system – this means you are no longer able to breathe in any toxic substances that you work with.

Below are the numerous other reasons as to why they are so popular.

Different workplaces

As mentioned, these air fed masks can be used in a variety of different industries. They will usually be found in workplaces that work around powder coating or industrial spraying.

The main function of the Airvisor 2 mean that any industry that works with airborne materials can use them to work safely and efficiently.

Different designs

When it comes to the Airvisor 2, you are given the option to purchase a look and design that best suits you and your workforce.

The air fed mask comes in two designs – a full face mask and half mask that covers your airways. This is great for any workplaces that don’t require a visor being over their entire face to shield their eyes for instance.


These masks are designed to be light in weight – they only weigh just over one kilogram.

Not only does this make them easy to transport, but it also means that the lightness helps to not strain workers whilst they are using them.

Carbon Filter

As these items consist of providing oxygen when worn, reliability is important. These air fed masks from SFEG includes a carbon filter and tamper-proof safety regulator.

The filter and regulator help the masks to avoid malfunctioning when in use. Without the filter and regulator, the mask could malfunction and cut off the air supply.

Warning device

Keeping you aware of your oxygen levels is also extremely important. Because of this, the Airvisor 2 also has a low flow warning device. This device activates a whistle if the air supply from the mask drops to a dangerously low level. This gives a quick indication to enable you to remove the mask in good time in safe conditions.


SFEG – which stands for ‘Surface Finishing Equipment Group’ – is a syndicate of four companies, three of which are based in the UK with one based in Abu Dhabi. With a hundred years of experience to boast, you can be sure that all equipment supplied by this company – including their stock of Airvisor 2 Air Fed Masks – are of a high standard.

For further information on these high-quality air fed masks that are now available from SFEG, contact them today! You can reach SFEG by calling either 0191 415 3030 (North East & UK), 0161 480 8087 (Northwest & UK) or 01902 601 312 (finishing plant). You can also fill out the company’s contact form for a member of staff to reach you at a more convenient time for you.


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