The Basics of Choosing and Buying Living Room Furniture  

When you visit a friend’s house, what’s the first place they will lead you to? If they’re like most homeowners, they’ll probably treat you to a glimpse of their living room. Living rooms serve multiple purposes and are important in every home. They not only serve the task of receiving your guests and making them feel comfortable, but it’s also a place where you can convene with family and friends, entertain yourselves, spend a lazy day resting, and doing other activities.

It’s no wonder that so much effort goes into designing a living room. If you’re one of the many homeowners who are going to design or renovate their living rooms, then you should already know that a lot of planning should be going into creating these spaces. One of these things is learning how to buy good living room furniture in Singapore and how to arrange them.

The basics of living room arrangements


No two living room arrangements will (and should!) be exactly alike. Why? Because living rooms can serve different purposes depending on who the homeowner is. For example, a homeowner can choose to make it the main area for family activities, and for others, they’re only used when there are guests. Depending on how you plan to use the area, its appearance will vary.

However, there are a few general rules you can follow so that you won’t get stuck choosing between that cushioned sofa or chesterfield armchair for your Singapore living room or where you need to place your furniture. Here are a few things that you need to know about living room arrangements.

1) Create an intimate setting. Do you know what is the number one problem that homeowners make regarding their living rooms? It’s that they insist on pushing furniture up against the walls or into corners. Placing your furniture pieces closer together will create a better setup and layout for your room. It will also help in making the living room a conversational space.

2) Consider the flow of your spaces. Don’t make areas of your living room hard to reach. If you don’t take into account how the traffic moves in your spaces, your room will look much messier and disorganised.

3) Establish a focal point in your living room. If you’re not familiar with what a focal point is, it’s an element of your living space that your whole living room will revolve around. It’s important to consider this because it helps keep your living space much neater. Your focal point can be something permanent, like a window, or something you bring into the living room, such as a TV or a table.

4) After the focal point is established, begin with the seating. This is where your guests or your family members will spend the most time, so you have to pay special attention to it.

The basics of choosing living room furniture



You can find a great furniture shop in Singapore but it won’t mean a thing if you don’t know how to choose the right furniture for your living room. Need some tips on how to get started? Here is a handy guide on how you can pick out the best pieces.

1) Always start with the basic arrangement and go from there. Don’t just go ahead and buy the furniture you want. Always go with the essentials first because these are your main priorities. You never know if you would run into space or budget issues if you focus on other furniture pieces.

2) Check out the size of your furniture first before buying. Always make sure that you buy furniture that’s just right for your space. If you’re living by yourself, why would you buy a 7 seater sofa? And if you’re living with a big family, why would you only look at a 2 seater leather sofa in Singapore? You should pick furniture with the size of the household in mind.

3) Always coordinate your furniture. Don’t just buy your furniture because you think it looks good on the website or in the showroom you bought it in. Before you buy, check first if it’ll look good in the room you’ll place it in or if it matches your other furniture pieces. What good is buying an expensive vintage sofa in Singapore if you’re going for a minimalist or modern look and your sofa doesn’t even match the room you put it in?

4) Invest in sturdy and high-quality pieces. Don’t want to be replacing your furniture every few years, then look for high quality and sturdy pieces. Look into brands with pieces that can last for long years. Remember, your furniture is supposed to be solid and last a long period of time without replacement.

5) Accessorising may come last, but it’s a very important step that you don’t want to miss. Don’t underestimate the value of good accessories. They may not be the large pieces that attract attention in the room, but they can bring all the elements together to create a beautiful space. Why not look into table pieces or stands that speak about your personality? Like for example, a nice coffee table book, or some houseplants in the corner to spice things up. Don’t forget the small storage spaces that you can use to hide knickknacks. But be careful about the accessories that you choose. If you don’t choose them wisely, they might just end up making your room more cluttered.

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