Reasons You Need to Invest In Walkie-Talkies For Your Business

Walkie Talkies have been around forever. In the beginning, it was mainly the police forces and military that used them, but in this modern age of Smartphone’s, tablets and internet connections, the good old Walkie-talkie still stands firm. Why are businesses all over the globe continually using them? What makes these devices front runners for business communications when there are so many other alternative methods to communicate these days? What is the secret behind them?

All businesses need good effective and efficient communications, to operate adequately, and without it, it can spark disaster. That being said, Smartphones and computers can offer precisely that, so why the need for Two-way radios, you may ask? The short answer being walkie talkies operate more efficiently since they do not need to rely on any Network signal or internet connection like smartphones or computers do. And if that fails, so do communications.

Also, when it comes to fast communications, the walkie talkie provides a much quicker and easy approach since there’s no texting, finding numbers in phone books, sending emails, etc. You simply push a button and talk.

Safety aspects

Modern tech is amazing, but when it comes to safety concerns, it’s not always secure. Hacking tends to be a common trait, breaching security and stealing Data is not that uncommon. Two-way radios operate differently. It’s safer because communications within the network are more restricted and monitored. This is why it is the most prefered means of communication among security experts, especially for manned guarding, whether armed with Complete AK 47’s range, handguns, or not, and irrespective of whether there’s a security system in place, or not.


Walkie Talkies are more cost-effective, and for businesses that is always a big plus. There are no monthly communications or data roaming charges.

Which industries are currently benefiting from using Walkie-Talkies?

Many companies use Two-way radios for communications in their line of business, but some of the most common ones are:

  • Security – Security-related businesses rely heavily on instant communications so that they can protect themselves and protect others since their job is such high risk. If something happens, security teams need to be able to give the immediate alert and request instant backup. Walkie-Talkies allow for fast transmission as and when required.
  • Hotels – Hotels need to have effective and efficient two-way communications between staff and co-workers, in order to provide the best possible service to their guests. Ideally, all departments should have Two-way Radio control devices to ensure that all duties and operations are running smoothly.
  • Events – Concerts, seminars, conventions and even weddings usually have an event management team that communicates via Walkie-Talkie because it’s fast and effective.
  • Construction sites – Due to being high-risk working areas, construction sites need instant communications to provide a rapid response as and when necessary. Walkie -Talkies provide a fast response, are great for communications on-site in loud environments and can withstand even the toughest terrain and weather conditions.

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