Preparing Your Own Funeral With Pre-Planning – Does It Really Matters?

Loss and bereavement bring emotional and financial burdens. The time to prepare for one’s funeral while still alive is what many people don’t like to think about most of the time. However, there’s a way one can do to spare their loved ones from the burden of having to make difficult decisions at their darkest times. You can always look for a funeral pre planning in Singapore for your future plans.

The price for funerals changes over time, and one may not guarantee a cheaper funeral arrangement in the next few years. From caskets to the burial lot, the average price for a funeral in Singapore can cost an estimated $3,000 up to $10,00 or more, including religious memorial service. Even in death, one would still require to prepare a budget.

PreparingYour Own Funeral – When Funeral Pre-Planning Is A Must

Planning ahead is one smart tactic of getting ready for things to come soon. The Singapore funeral industry can be unpredictable at times, and we have given how an average funeral can cost you thousands of dollars, even on average spending. Financing is one thing you should consider before leaving life behind. Whether you’re living in a high-class or urban city, it’s crucial that we learn ‘frugal choices’ to save more and make the most out of what we choose.

The Benefits

Planning ahead about your own funeral brings tons of benefits as well. Here are a few examples of the benefits of funeral pre planning.

Save money

Opting for a funeral pre planning can save you money in the long run. Imagine the cost you can reduce should you purchase a funeral plan than wait sooner when the price ceiling is high.

You can go for pre-panning without paying a sizable upfront cost, while some may go for pre-funding in some options. Your family can gain the advantage of saving a lot from potential inflation costs. Once you have guaranteed a full payment for pre-planning, it will lock the price, and you and your family wouldn’t have to worry about paying another one.

It alleviates the burden and stress from your loved ones

What could possibly be more comforting than knowing that you’ve done your loved ones an enormous favour by making things way easier after your passing? Finding a casket and paying for a funeral director in Singapore isn’t just challenging. It’s costly, time-consuming and stressful.

Death and passing of a loved one is the right time to comfort bereaved families without the family having to think about a thousand-dollar worth of bills afterwards. In some circumstances, tensions and conflicts can rise too. Dealing with the details of funeral arrangements should never become the primary reason for strained family relationships. Opting for a funeral pre planning removes the stress and financial difficulty that comes when one dies.

It fulfils your wishes

In some cases, if you have an exact detailed plan for your funeral, from the casket to pallbearer and urn compartment location, a funeral pre planning allows having complete and absolute control over what will happen when the time comes for your departure. You can customise and tailor the service as much as you like as long as your budget allows you.

It will eliminate all the unnecessary guesswork your family or loved ones would have to undergo and eases away their concerns about your funeral. It guarantees that you will get what you pay for while ensuring that everyone will remember you the way you want it to be.

Peace of mind

You’ll have to think about dealing with inflation should you plan to go for a funeral pre-planning soon. Remember that the funeral cost in Singapore may change over time. Not knowing how things can work and the order can be stressful for you and your loved ones. You’ll know which funeral director to choose, a casket that would suit your budget, which funeral package works, etc.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Casket


Many people are stuck with choosing the right casket for their loved ones or for the funeral pre planning. The ability to pick one can be a burden or challenging since it’s the primary focal attention during a funeral arrangement. Therefore, it only makes sense to determine the right one.

Here are a few ideas to help you choose the most suitable casket for the funeral arrangement:

Think about the materials

Wood and metal are among the most common choices in choosing the materials you want for the casket. However, do bear in mind that the materials you choose can affect the price of the casket. There is also an eco-green option for eco-friendly funeral arrangements. Also, the materials can influence the overall finish, so it’s something you should keep in mind when choosing one.

Consider the interior

You can personalise casket interiors by choosing various colours and materials for the clothing line. You can even consider adding a few stylised embroidered symbols on the lid. If you are opting for a funeral pre-planning, make sure that the personalisation of the interior is within the budget range for the casket.

Think about the cost

The cost is perhaps the crucial part if you’re planning to obtain a quality casket for your loved ones or for funeral pre-planning. The design you choose can directly affect the cost itself. So if you plan to cut down the price for it, consider reducing the ‘designs’ and opting for a more affordable material and finish for the casket.

Final Thoughts

Funeral pre-planning is one of the most effective ways to cut down expenses and save yourself and your loved ones from the burden.

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