Peter Loftin Began a Humble Endeavour and through His Efforts, He Managed to Transform the Business into a Notable One

Starting his journey from a small venture at the age of twenty five, Peter Loftin soon transformed it into a multi-million dollar company and made a name in telecom industry. He established BTI (Business Telecom Inc.) in 1983 and after its success, he merged it with Deltacom. Achieving success at a small age was not a one-day thing, instead Loftin had worked hard for days and nights and maintained his ideas and far-vision to make this true. He never had let his dreams fade since the time he made up the mind to become a well-known business entrepreneur.

Peter Loftin used to sell portable telephones in North Carolina when he got an idea to establish his own company. He tried his best to understand the details, advantages, disadvantages etc. related to a telecom business and then he dreamt of being someone big. And soon, he made it possible through his own initiatives. He gave an approach that you could work for anything, anywhere but can always dream to do something great of your own and there lied the way of his own success. Interesting fact about Loftin is that besides being a well-known business personality, he is admired more for his extensive level charity work.

Peter Loftin’s Concern for Society is Evident from His Charitable Initiatives

In his twenties when he was only starting to become big, Peter Loftin started an initiative named Coats for Kids. This was to provide winter coats to poor children so that they could get enough protection during chilled weather. Interestingly, he got communities involved in this task because he was just a starter at that time. So, people started donating coats for poor children and helped them in enduring the chilling winters.

BTI Has Today Become One of the Topmost Telecom Companies Worldwide

If we talk about BTI, then it is one of the most notable business works done by Peter Loftin. It is a successful private organization where several intelligent and hard-working people have found roles and responsibilities. It is among the topmost telecom companies and has earned rewards and recognitions for the same. Someone who used to sell phones from door to door has now become a well-known business tycoon in the country and worldwide.

Loftin thinks about society’s welfare at all levels. He cares about medical concerns of people and therefore donates in medical centres. Also, he does charitable works for children and youth. His love for art is evident from his high-level investments in the same and he has donated to museums at large. In all, he has donated around $10 million to charities, medical centres and museums. Such efforts of entrepreneurs add value to the society and uplift it to the next level.

Peter Loftin is Never Behind in Helping the Country During Calamities

Loftin is never behind in helping the country during calamities, whether those be natural or man-driven. During the attack on World Trade Centre in 2001, so many people were trapped and devastated, and large-scale relief works were going on. Peter contributed largely at financial and other levels in speeding up the relief work. He is a man who is not just dipped into following his business dreams but also he has a vision for a happy world.


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