Pavement Signs Vs Digital Display boards

Traditional methods of marketing are evolving with changing times. For example, advertising spaces in public spaces are now going digital with many digital display boards replacing the traditional poster advertisements. Likewise, pavement signs are also being replaced with digital screens. This trend is yet to catch up partly because digital display screens are not budget friendly. Also, pavement signs have been present since the advent of businesses. So, the shift from traditional signage to modern high-end digital signage will definitely be a gradual one.

For large businesses, it is easier to make the shift, but for smaller and medium scale businesses, upgrading to digital signage boards may seem a waste of capital.

Some of the benefits of upgrading to digital signage boards include:

  • Faster change of advertised content.
  • Making use of software applications to automate the change of content helps in targeting the right audience. There are plenty of such web applications available on the web.
  • The era of touchscreen smartphones has made the customer interested in interactive display fixtures. Besides, investing in mobile apps, installing interactive signage in your workplace may lend a sense of credibility to your business. Also, interactive touch screen signage allows room for such customer interaction.

With the advent of vacuum forming technique, these signboards have become cheaper which encourage business owners to opt for multiple display signage thereby reaching out to more customers.

As a business owner you should choose from the type of signage boards depending on the budget you are ready to allocate for marketing. If you have a larger budget, having few digital signage boards installed will attract and build a newer customer base.
The Pavement signs, on the other hand, are durable and budget-friendly.

On the anoher hand, if your budget cannot accommodate digital display fixtures, you may want to opt for the vacuum forming display signage.
Depending on the place of installation of the display, you may want to change the content of the signage accordingly. Also if the signage is for outdoor use, keep in mind to choose appropriate material which can withstand the harsh environment.

If you are investing in touchscreen signage, opting for TFT display with projected capacitive technology, is a good choice. Good resolution of the image and ease of use are the two factors to keep in mind when buying digital signage boards.

Capacitive touch panels in your digital signage boards are a plus point because they support multi-touch functionality, provide optical clarity and high durability.

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