Orbia- Tap and relax

You are busy? Isn’t it? I am sure most of yours answer is Yes. Yes, we are busy doing our day today activities. Then how you are going to relax your stressed minds due this busy routine. Are you going to watch movies, or to play a game or read a book? Can you actually relax your mind by doing so? If the answer for this question is No, then this is for you, my friends. If you want relax your mind easily then move on to this nice game Orbia. One of the coolest apps to make you relax and clam.

Orbia Tap and Relax is a nice relaxing game you can download on your Android. whenever you feel bored or stressed you can try playing this game. I am sure if you are going to play this game your patience will improve a lot. When you are playing the game, it appears like we are roaming in a fully new world.  you are meeting with obstacles on the go and have to win over them in much patience. Nice calming game to play in your leisure.

You can play this game on Android TV boxes too. There is TV version of this game that can play on any Android TV, Fire TV or Google TV using a game controller. You can download this game to your TV box using Play Store, Filelinked or by using Aptoide TV.

Features of the Orbia Tap and Relax Game

If I talk about the design of the game, it is very simple. Can identify as a minimalist game. playing the game is very simple. Shoot at the correct time on the target surrounded by so many obstacles. Only a small space is there to shoot on the target. Be patience and never miss the target.

If you experience performance lag make sure to install performance booster application like Clean Master. Clean Master has a special feature called game booster. That feature helps to run Android game smoother and faster.

The graphics of the game are also very simple and can recognize as high-end graphics. They are very minimal but are very colorful. When you are moving along the game, I am sure your eyes will not get stresses looking at the game interface for quite a long too.

When it comes to music, they are also very soothing and calming. At the beginning you can play the game calmly. But when you move forward have to play much concentration than at the start.

Here you can play hundreds of gaming levels. Around 700 gaming levels are here. In each level you will meet different characters with different abilities. When you move along the game you will be able to unlock many characters with different skills. Find tons of different skills and win over the obstacles very easily and wisely.

You can play this game with your friends as well. Have more fun by playing it with your friends. Tap and the correct time and win by relaxing your mind too. Download to your Android phone using AC Market, Aptoide or by using Play Store.

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