Marketing Materials to Use at Your Next Tradeshow

You must be prepared with your marketing materials for the next tradeshow that you will be attending if you want to see an increase in your client conversions. Prospects will be at the event, and you need to put your best foot forward to get their attention and entice them to check your products or services. Here are some of the marketing materials to consider for your upcoming tradeshow.

Roll up banners

If you have limited space and you are on a tight budget, a roll up banner is an ideal solution. It takes up a small space, and it is also inexpensive. It’s also convenient to carry around and quick to set up. Because of its portability and easy storage, you can reuse it for other events like exhibitions or various company celebrations.

Exhibition stand

If you want more than just a roll up banner, you can go full blast with an exhibition stand. Depending on what you need, you will get a package that already has all the items that you require, including frames, podium, lights, and printed graphics. The size of the stands varies, so there is something for you whether you need a small one or a bigger one. There are also straight and curved designs of stands.

Flyers or brochures

Printed marketing materials such as flyers and brochures are needed as they will contain more information about your company. Give them away to people who check out your booth, as well as those that are passing by so they can still check it even if you did not get the chance to talk to them. Moreover, it’s something that they can take with them and keep. If they find a need for your products or services, they will have the details on how to contact you.

Business cards

These have been essential in every business since forever. Business cards have evolved not only with their designs, but the materials too. Make sure to make yours professional looking as this will leave an impression on other people. These cards can be easily put in their wallet or card holders for easy access when they need them.

Video presentation

If images attract the attention of people more than plain text, videos are even more powerful, especially if the content is eye-catching and interesting. Create an engaging video presentation as this will quickly catch the eyes of people even from afar.

Branded drinks or snacks

People love freebies, and with all the walking that they will do in the tradeshow to check out the booths, something to drink or eat would be welcomed by them. Put your brand name on the drinks and food for brand recall.

Getting people’s attention is not enough to turn them into clients. Do something that will make them come to you and make them want to try your products or services like giving them a discount card that they can use on their next visit. This will entice them to give you a try.

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