Key Benefits Of Using Self-Storage For Business

Self-Storage has its perks when it comes to supporting business goals and objectives. It can help companies run much smoother helping to expand the office space and providing extra room for storage, and the great thing is, it can be used for as long as you like, it’s not just a temporary fix to bide some time.

Here are some ways in which using self-storage may benefit your business:

Documents and paperwork

Every business has a vast amount of paperwork that comes with it. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided.

To make matters worse, it is usually a legal requirement to file a the majority of it for quite some time, especially when it comes to tax documents, employee-related papers, applications and perhaps receipts you need to keep hold of. And this becomes problematic when you are strapped for available storage space in the office as it is.

This is when using business self storage Belfast becomes a viable alternative. It provides an option to shift the bulk load and to safely store it (out of harm’s way) in another secure location.

Doing so also protects sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands, as the business has complete control over who holds the key to access the storage unit.

You do not have to worry about conditions inside the self-storage unit as there are units with climate control that can ensure that your paperwork will not get damaged from the elements.

Here are some tips on how to store your documents successfully in a self-storage unit:

  • Always place items that need to be readily accessed closer to the front to save time rummaging.
  • Ensure paperwork is clean and dry and use airtight packaging before putting them into storage.
  • Use pallets so that nothing is sitting directly on the floor.
  • Don’t forget to label everything.

Furniture and furnishings

Some businesses may require the use of extra furniture at subsequent times throughout the year but may not need to have them all of the time. Rather than having to buy or loan (which could be pricey) keep a stock of requirements in storage for use when needed instead.

Renovations and removals may also require the use of storage, albeit, on a temporary basis. You can use self-storage to safely remove furniture out of harm’s way until the job or removal is complete.

Here are some tips on how to store furniture and furnishings successfully:

  • Use drop cloths with adequate airflow to protect your furniture.
  • Raise items off the floor using pallets.
  • Ensure edges of items are well protected, using packing, to avoid scuffs.
  • Make the most of the space by placing items on top of the desk, in draws etc.

Products and supplies

Self-storage has the advantage of allowing room for extra stock storage. This enables businesses to stock up on products and supplies which may work out to be more cost-effective when purchased in a bulk load. Using self-storage stops the office or workplace from clogging up and offers more freedom to be able to expand further down the line.

Here’s how to store effectively:

  • Record everything, ‘what, where and when’ before placing it in the unit.
  • Use shelves to store in an organised manner, easier to obtain and access.
  • Always store off the ground, use pallets to raise your items from floor level.
  • Determine climate factors and decide if your items are best stored in appropriate climate-controlled units before renting, you may need suitable conditions to ensure quality.

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