Jerome Karam: The Man And The Mission

Real estate is one of those industries with room for much expansion and growth. For starters, real estate markets exist wherever people live and work. As such, real estate agents can work in a number of markets and make an impact in a variety of ways in several communities if they play their cards right.

Jerome Karam Friendswood: A Real Estate Agent Who ‘Gets It’

One real estate agent that understands the vast opportunities within the real estate industry and how lives can be changed through their work is Jerome Karam. Jerome Karam is an attorney turn real estate developer with over twenty years of consistent, quality to work to show for it. Formerly from Friendswood, Jerome Karam has continued to do awesome work on several projects in Texas and South West Louisiana. Many of these projects have been met with much success and accomplishments.

In recent years, Jerome has returned to his hometown in Louisiana to get some new projects going, such as some new apartments and commercial buildings including the remodeling of the old JCPenney building to be used for Indoor Climate Controlled storage. The restoration of the old JCPenney building is a part of the wider vision of breathing new life into the old “Mall of the Mainland” in Texas City. This is just one of the many projects he is working on that is in line with his vision for greater development across the state of Texas.

Partnering with Communities for the Betterment of Communities

His work on the “Mall of the Mainland,” as well as converting The Lester Davidson Building into townhomes and other restoration projects are just a few of the ways that Jerome Karam and his competent team are partnering with communities to improve living conditions and commercial activities. Essentially, he is making communities better through his experience and works in real estate.  

One of the key factors about Jerome Karam’s work in community restoration is furnishing the communities with important activity centers. One such restoration project that promises to be a true activity hub for the community is the old YMCA building. It is there that classes such as kickboxing, body pump, and yoga, among others will be held. The addition of a state of the art sauna is icing on the cake, becoming the perfect place to unwind and chill after an intense workout.

The Texan Louisiana Frontier: The Man Behind the Movement

Touted as one of the most relevant real estate developers in Texas and Southwestern Louisiana, Jerome Karam started his academic career as an undergraduate at Louisiana State University. From there, he went on to acquire his Juris Doctor Degree from Texas Southern University in May 1990. His professional career as a lawyer thrived after opening his personal injury practice which saw him representing in excess of 1000 clients over a 10-year period. Still, the best was yet to come.

After a successful decade in law, Jerome Karam Friendswood went on to pursue what he describes as his true passion – a career in real estate development. This proved to be his true calling and his successes in the real estate field have certainly eclipsed those in his already decade-long and impressive law career. As a developer, Karam has gone on to purchase, renovate and profitable resell millions of dollars worth of real estate. In addition to finding JMK5 HOLDINGS, Jerome Karam has established an additional 12 entities with their holdings spread across the state of Texas and Southern Louisiana.

Jerome Karam may be contacted at his law offices – THE LAW OFFICES OF JEROME M. KARAM – in Friendswood Texas either by phone or email, both of which can be found on his official website at


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