James Paterek Gives 5 Crucial Steps for Successful Staffing 

Choosing the right employees and onboarding them plays a crucial role in company strength, says COO James Paterek.

MANHASSET, NEW YORK, January 31, 2022 — Staffing offers an important function within any growing company. There are many moving parts that make up the process of bringing in new employees and managing people. James Paterek is Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Millbrook Support Services. With years of experience in staffing services and business consultation, James L. Paterek recently provided five important steps for a successful staffing strategy.

Diverse Recruitment Efforts

James Paterek says any strong staffing process will target diverse groups of applicants. “You need many voices at the table if you want to build a company that appeals to a broad audience,” he explains. “It’s not enough to want to hire diversely; you need to pursue diverse applicant pools. If you want to get a wide range of perspectives, you have to be willing to seek them out.”

Effective Selection Processes

Once you’ve got candidates lined up, James Paterek says that you need a succinct process to get them onboarded as quickly as possible. “There is no value in dragging out the employment process with an excessive number of interviews,” he explains. “There comes a point where you have to trust your gut. The more familiar you get with the process, the more comfortable you will be in selecting the right person for the job.

Relationships with Employees

Knowing where employees should fit can help you assign the right people to the right jobs. Building relationships with your employees can help improve morale, reduce turnover rates and lessen mistakes made on the floor. James Paterek says it is daunting for most employees when they first start, and early onboarding should help them get comfortable with their new culture and coworkers.

Future Development Paths

People need more than a dead-end, he says. Top companies have upward mobility opportunities in place. For employees to truly thrive, they need to know the path forward. Great staffing management will put training and development options in place to keep employees heading in the right direction. He explains that well-educated and trained employees also offer a higher level of productivity for the company.

Compensation Programs

Keeping employees frequently comes down to ensuring they get a high enough reward for their job. Compensation isn’t the only reward worth mentioning, says Paterek. He notes that employees want to make a good living, but they also care about intrinsic value as well. Time off, work-life balance, meaningful roles, professional development,  and feeling important to the workplace are all examples of intrinsic rewards that make employees more likely to stick around.

James L. Paterek says few things in business are as important as keeping the right people happily working in their jobs. He explains that staffing should be a carefully strategic part of the growth planning process. “Setting goals is a really important first step when you are evaluating your staffing process,” he concludes. “Don’t go in blind and hope things fall into place. Look for the gaps in your team and try to bring in the missing pieces.”

James Paterek is the Chief Operating Officer of Millbrook Support Services. Millbrook supplies Physicians, Nurses, Advanced Practice Providers, and Allied Healthcare Professionals to government and commercial clients nationwide.

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