In Warehouse How to do Sorting, Palletizing, and Distribution Optimally?

The post-Covid scenario has made it imperative for warehouse operation managers to find personnel who are willing to perform repetitive physical labour, such as loading, unloading, and sorting boxes, sacks, barrels, and shipments of all sizes and weights.

Often, heavier items need 2-person lifting, while any lighter packages have to be shifted at very high speed and frequency. Because of this new challenge posed by the post-pandemic era, a question is raised – whether can we do the operations differently.

However, now so much pressure of time, higher volumes to deal with, and also a staff shortage does not offer an ideal condition where any experiment can be done by changing the way of working.

However, there are a few smart solutions available that can certainly make a lot of difference with minimal disruption to the process and offer a few surprising benefits.

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What is a pallet?

Third-level packaging, such as pallets, is used to protect and expedite the transportation of items along the logistics chain from the time they leave the manufacturing facility until they are disassembled by the end user.

There are different kinds of pallets available in different materials, sizes, and weights. As far as pallet materials are concerned, they are available with the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Cardboard

So far as the weight is concerned, there are 3 categories for pallets:

  • Lightweight
  • Medium weight
  • Heavy duty.

As far as the size is concerned, there can be as many sizes as required for the purpose and they can be made to tailored dimensions. There are of course a few well-established standards.

Optimize the warehouse sorting and palletizing using high-frequency vacuum lifters

High-frequency vacuum lifters mimic how a person would work manually. With a typical vacuum lifter, you must use both hands to bring the whole way down towards the pallet and then wait the 1 or 2 seconds it takes for the vacuum to release.

The operator can drop a package before it ever touches the pallet thanks to the rapid release button just on high-frequency lifter. The impact on costs is clear if it means you could sort and palletize with a single person instead of 2.

Additionally, if you can find a diverse group of workers to complete the job rather than only young, athletic individuals, your hiring issues will vanish overnight.

The suction foot on the high-frequency lifter allows you to hold most sorts of packaged goods while lifting quickly and easily with just one hand. This technology can offer:

  • High-speed package handling
  • Lifts boxes, baggage, drums, food products, and more
  • Grip from the side or top
  • One-handed lifting with any user-friendly joystick handle
  • Quick release to save time
  • Customized suction feet to match different packaging
  • Rotate packages 360⁰

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