Important things to consider when hiring a customs broker

Are you about to import in some belongings especially vehicles or your business stuff in Canada or US? Then before proceeding, make sure you’re legally following all the steps for importing or exporting anything in and out from Canada or any other country as they maintain stringent customs law for ensuring safety and protection. Knowing all the customs laws for maintaining the compliance, you should stay on the safer side and can prohibit your shipment to import or export easily. If you lack the time and want an expert to do the job on your behalf then hiring a brokerage service at can land you to the right decision. A professional customs broker can represent you and on your behalf and with the power of attorney- he/she can clear the custom transactions successfully.

Here, check out some important things to consider when hiring a customs broker

Expert & Responsible

A recent estimation says, only in Canada, there’re over 200,000 customs brokerage companies and individuals. But can you count them all among the experts and those who take the complete responsibility of securely transacting the customs per the compliances? No. So, make sure, you’ve signed up with a renowned customs broker that is licensed by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and well-known for shouldering the responsibilities they take on their client’s behalf.

Experience in a specific area

It’s significant to hire a customs brokerage service provider that’s an expert in importing in or exporting out any particular things such as vehicles, small business products, e-commerce shipments, freights and more. Depending on the service you wish to have, find and hire the expert properly so that they can use their expertise in receiving all the documents required for a legal importation or exportation.


As you’re expecting a long-term liaison with the broker, make sure that the person is client-friendly. It’s necessary to deal with an amiable person who at the same time very much concerned about the responsibility he/she has been shouldering.

Updated with amended customs law

A sincere customs broker or a brokerage company must keep updated with the amended laws. They’ll leave no chance so that their clients may come across with a difficulty because of that.

A sound solution provider

Finally, collaborate with a licensed customs broker or a company strongly recommended for providing the best customs solutions. Converse with them first, before signing up a deal or offering them the power of attorney.


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