How to Set Up Cold Chain Shipping

Cold chain shipping is a system used by many industries and is a method of transporting goods and products over long distances while maintaining a desired temperature. Products like pharmaceuticals, agricultural and seafood are commonly shipped by logistics companies that specialize in this type of movement.

It is already pre-determined that customers requiring the cold chain operation know its products inside-out. They will demand a temperature-sensitive logistical move and any deviation from this could have catastrophic results. 

This is why it has to be right first time, every time. A product that is not kept at the desired temperature could perish or die [as in Life Sciences logistical products]. This results is money being lost and corporate reputations being damaged. 

Life Sciences is another player in cold chain shipping. This sector of industry will often want biological and live samples shipped across great distances [even continents] and often in bulk, where some consignments have more than 100 pallets in one shipment. 

Big pharma companies and the Life Sciences industry cannot afford to allow its shipments to spoil because they have not been able to maintain an optimum temperature. These organisations are more likely to employ dedicated staff and companies – like Softbox – to assist it transportation needs accordingly. 

Setting up a cold chain shipping request is not that difficult. A business will have a product that has to be kept at a certain temperature and using the Systems Solution Finder on the Softbox website, you can discover which type of cold chain product you will need.

On these pages you can find the right climate-controlled system to suit. You will need to know a few basics about your product – such as the System Type and the Payload Volume. Most companies know the product inside out and are aware of the temperature or range of thermal window the produce can be exposed to. 

Once you have determined these factors, you will need to give the Systems Solutions Finder a time limit that it can be in transit. This is the maximum time it can take to go from manufacturer [or origin] to destination nation or customer. 

Once all this information is determined, you will be given one of six options of cold chain shipping systems you should use. The options are Pallet in Pallet Shippers, Pallet Shippers, Pallet Covers, Reusable Shippers, Parcel Shippers and Customised Shippers. 


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