How to raise money with Popcorn fundraisers?

Popcorn fundraisers are great money makers. Not only are they perfect for raising money for individuals and groups, but you can also integrate them with other fundraisers. They are also easy to achieve and unlike the vast majority of fundraiser ideas that we have in the world today, popcorn fundraisers offer flexible options.

However, if you fail to put some key systems in place during your popcorn fundraiser event, you’ll make less than your envisioned funds. This can be really annoying since the main objective of a popcorn fundraiser is to raise as much money as you can for your cause. On the other hand, if you manage your popcorn fundraiser event aptly from the get-go, you’ll be able to safeguard your profit. And at the end of the day, you’ll be able to achieve your fundraising goals without stress or hassle. Here are 4 key things to look out for when organizing your popcorn fundraisers.

  1. The flavor of the popcorn

When the time comes to buy popcorn for your popcorn fundraiser event, it would be best for you to do a little research on your area of interest before you make a purchase. Popcorn comes in varieties of flavors. While there are no good or bad flavors, a lot of people have their own preference for popcorn. Surely, it won’t bode well for you to have bags of gourmet popcorn in an area where people fancy caramel popcorn. When you do your research before you make a purchase of a particular flavor of popcorn, you can be sure that you’ll sell every bag of popcorn you have in store. To be on the safer side, it’ll be best for you to offer your popcorn in an array of flavors so as to give your supporters a more diversified choice.

  1. Point of sale

Popcorn fundraisers are of two types. You can either sell bags of preordered popcorn to your supporters or sell popcorn straight out of a popcorn machine. When you pick the latter option for your popcorn fundraiser, you’ll have to find the perfect spot to set up your popcorn stand. The best spots to set up your popcorn stand are locales in the city with a large gathering of people. You can try college campuses, parks, as well as commercial environments. All in all, just make sure you locate a spot where your popcorn stand would stand out in the crowd. By doing this, you’ll be able to attract customers to your popcorn stand from all over. Also, use strongly flavored popcorn: if they can’t see you, they’ll smell your popcorn from far away.

  1. Resale price

With regards to Popcorn Fundraisers, you have to cut expense and augment profit as much as you can. This is the only guarantee you have at securing your profit so they don’t fall below expectations. When you purchase Popcorn from providers with high resale costs, you’ll have an issue pitching the popcorn to your supporters. keep in mind that you’ll need to incorporate your own cost to make a profit. Except if you want a heap of popcorn that no one needs in your store, you have to avoid providers whose items are a bit on the high side. If you are requesting your popcorn from an online provider, you should ask questions about the transportation cost before you make a buy. Transportation cost/charges can undermine your benefits especially when you are making a major request for your Popcorn Fundraiser. Converse with your provider to know whether you’ll need to pay extra charges for the delivery of your popcorn.

  1. The quality of the popcorn

You need to get the highest quality popcorn for your supporters. if you have free time on your hands, check the fixings and have a sample of the popcorn that you are intending to pitch to your supporters before you purchase in mass. Then again, most popcorn providers sell fixed amounts of popcorn so it may be difficult to get samples from them. In any case, ensure that you make your purchase from a reliable provider. When you sell quality popcorn to your supporters, they’ll subscribe to your brand and you can use this relationship in future fundraisers.

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