How to Get a Job with the help of Staffing Agency?

Often job seekers don’t go use staffing agency as they think that these agencies offer entry-level or temp jobs. Some think that they don’t offer any benefit to the workers. Well, nothing of this is true!

If you are in Phoenix, then you as a job seeker can use the services of best staffing agencies in Phoenix to find all types of jobs, including permanent jobs. Staffing agencies appoint people for all job positions, right from entry-level jobs to ceos.  

How does a Staffing Agency work?

Companies pay the staffing agencies to find suitable workers and employees for them. Job seekers can apply to particular jobs via these agencies. The agency will interview the candidates and place at the right positions. The agency then provides payment to the chosen applicant to work for the company. If the company hires the candidate permanently, the staffing agency doesn’t pay the applicant. The company pays the employee.

Benefits of working with a staffing agency to search for a job

  1. It is free: Because the company pays the agency, you don’t have to pay them to be considered for job positions.
  2. They perform the searching task for you: When you sign up and join hands with a staffing agency, they enquire about your abilities and experience and let you know when they find a suitable job for you. You can look for jobs on the internal job site. Sometimes they are aware of job openings which are not listed on job sites. 
  3. You get variety: You can look out for staffing agencies which specialize in a particular niche or field. You will come across several jobs in almost all staffing agency. The job vacancy may range from temporary jobs, short term jobs to permanent job positions.
  4. You have other benefits too: Some staffing agencies offer benefits after employees have work for particular hours or days. The benefits comprise of health insurance, tuition reimbursement, retirement benefits.
  5. They provide feedback: Several staffing agencies offer you feedback all through your job. They ask you to revise your resume and render advice on how to successfully perform at an interview. 

Types of jobs offered at staffing agencies

Some people think staffing agencies only offer temporary job or administrative jobs, but this is not true! You can find a job position of almost every industry with the help of staffing agency. Agencies provide job offers of different time durations. They are:

Temporary jobs: Companies that need temporary hires to help them work during the absence of their employee or because of busy work. Sometimes companies hire temporary workers to complete a specific assignment. These jobs range from some weeks to several months.

Temp to permanent jobs: They start are temporary jobs to allow the company to know the employee on a trial basis. And, if the company is happy with your work, they will hire you permanently.

Permanent Jobs: Some staffing agencies offer permanent job positions to people. They help to find, interview and select the candidates for the companies and are paid in return. 

A lot of agencies offer all three types of jobs, while others specialize.

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