How to earn money without investment using a referral app?

Referrals apps have become one of the most lucrative ways to earn money online without any investment. If you are looking for a good source of income online, you need to become a referral loan partner in India of a leading bank or financial institution and get paid for referrals. Several banks offer payouts for bank loan referrals today. The IDFC FIRST Bank MyFIRST Partner App is a personal loan referral app that helps its users earn money online without any investment. 

If you are a part-time insurance agent, financial advisor, entrepreneur, or job seeker, you get an excellent opportunity to become a referral partner of IDFC FIRST Bank. All you have to do is download the application on your android mobile and register for the program. 

Some benefits of joining the IDFC MyFIRST Partner App as a referral partner

By becoming a personal loan referral partner of the MyFIRST Partner App, you can earn money from home without investment. The app helps you provide outstanding service to your referral prospects with its user-friendly features and meet their financial urgency. By doing so, you earn attractive incentives and compensation. Here are some advantages of becoming a referral partner of IDFC FIRST Bank: 


  • Get an extra income building referrals for a personal loan 
  • Fortnightly or weekly payouts
  • 24X7 accessibility through MyFIRST Partner App
  • Be a part of a prestigious institution
  • Help your kith and kin to get personal loans easily
  • Get training from experts
  • Have assistance from a dedicated support team
  • Zero investment 

How to earn more money through a referral program?

If you have a smartphone with an Internet connection, you can easily download the IDFC FIRST Bank’s refer and earn money app and register your name. To earn more money, you need to: 

  • Create a strong referral network

A good network of people will help you get more referrals and earn more money. It is worth spending time to build your referral network and help prospective applicants get personal loans through this genuine refer and earn app. You need to spend time finding those friends, relatives, neighbours, and colleagues who need urgent money and making a list of eligible applicants. 


  • Choose eligible and genuine referrals


Always find people who can repay the loan promptly. You can check their CIBIL score to find their eligibility before referring them for personal loans. People need urgent finance for marriage, travel, medical treatment, education, or home renovation. You can explain to them the benefits of applying for a loan with IDFC FIRST Bank and convert them into leads. 


  • Provide constant updates on loan application status


The MyFIRST Partner App offers a facility to apply for a personal loan on behalf of your clients, check the application status, and give regular updates. It helps you build a strong relationship with your clients. When they are happy, they help you get more customers through their network. You can help your friends or relatives apply for a personal loan without any collateral security at competitive interest. You can get the assistance of the expert team to talk to your referrals and guide them through the process.  

  • Get payments weekly or fortnight

After the disbursement of the loan amount, you get a certain percentage of the sanctioned amount credited to your account and exciting rewards.

You can now download the IDFC FIRST Bank MyFIRST Partner App and help others avail of personal loans and earn money.


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