How To Choose The Best Heated Towel Rail?

Towels are an ever-present part of our bathroom. They are also often ignored. Not many pay heed to their maintenance and care. Often disregarded as just a piece of cloth, a well-kept towel can be beneficial for your skin. Many are unaware of the number of accessories that are designated for towels. One such accessory is a heated towel rail. Let’s take a look at what they are and what benefits they offer.

Benefits Of Heated Towel Rails

The very obvious benefit of heated towel rails is that they heat towels. It makes towels comfortable to be used during cold winters. However, the benefits of heated towel rails can be taken in summer as well. In humid weather, dry towels are preferred which you use the rails for. The even bigger benefit appears in the form of hygiene. Heating the towels cleansing them of germs. Also, dry towels make it impossible for bacteria to grow. Warmer towels can also be used for relaxing both physically and mentally.

Heated towel rails also add a lot to their surroundings aesthetically. You can find rails of different shapes and designs that give your bathroom a brand new look. Their structures provide more than just aesthetic value. Heated towel rails can also be used for storing towels. It saves space and makes the organisation of towels easy.

These were the benefits of having a heated towel rail in your bathroom. It must make it easy for you to decide if buying them is worth it or not. What remains hard is deciding how to buy the right one. You can’t buy them over and over again as that would be a plain waste of money. To make the task easier and save your money, here is a little guide.

Types Of Heated Towel Rails

There are three major types of towel rails you can find on the market.

Plumbed Towel Rails

These heated towel rails can be directly connected to a house’s central heating system. This is done through radiator valves. Plumbed towel rails provide low heat output.

Electric Towel Rails

These towel rails are perfect for properties that are missing heating systems. Electric towel rails are easy to set up and use. They are cost-effective and provide a good amount of heat output.

Dual Fuel Towel Rails

Dual Fuel rails are a combination of both plumbed and electric rails. These rails are fitted into the central heating system and also have an additional electric towel rail.

Space And Dimensions

Before buying a towel rail, you should assess the exact dimensions of it concerning where it is supposed to be installed. You do not want it to cover more area than you want and cause inconvenience.

Size And Output

The size of the rail depends on the number of towels you are intending to keep on it at the same time. The same is the case with heat output. Only buy rails with the same size and output that is required.


As already mentioned, heated towel rails can add a lot to the aesthetics of a bathroom. You can get them painted in different colours. They also come in different finishes like chrome.

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