How to Choose Between Thermoplastic Tubing & Silicone Tubing for Pharmaceutical Applications  

Tubing is very important when it comes to make for pharmaceutical application requirement. In this blog we will understand as per the application requirement which type of tubing is preferable silicone tubing or TPE Tubing.



Process of Making Tubing:


The tubing from both the material is made via extrusion process. However the silicone tubing manufacturing is complex process compared to the TPE tubing manufacturing. The TPE tubing is relatively easy to manufacture due to its ease of processing.


Temperature Resistance:

Silicone Tubing: Silicone tubing can handle temperatures from -110°F to 400°F (-73°C and 204°C).

TPE Tubing: TPE can be used between -88°F and 275°F (-66°C and 135°C).

Validations and extractables:


Silicone tubing: specially when it comes to use silicone rubber tubing for medical industry platinum cured silicone is inherently purer then peroxide cured silicone and also offers fewer extractables.

TPE Tubing: Biopharmaceutical grade TPE has endured testing involving USP, ISO, CFR, and EP standards.


Silicone tubing: Silicone tubing are expensive compared to the TPE tubing, so if the cost is big factor in your decision making, TPE tubing is your best choice.

The Advantage you will get with TPE Tubing specially for Pharmaceutical application.

  • Meets critical demands of biopharma fluid transfer
  • Brilliant heat seal and sterile weldability
  • Safe material solution for bioprocessing

Features of TPE Tubing

  • Germ-free weldable
  • Heat sealable
  • Pre-sealed tubing ends stocked
  • No silicone oils
  • Low penetrability as compared to silicone

Silicone Tubing Features:

  • Very flexible
  • Handles temperatures from -110°F to 400°F
  • NSF-51 listed

About Both materials are:

  • Moldable into leak-proof tubing manifold connections.
  • Available with validated sterility assurance, comprehensive validation packages, and extractable test portfolios
  • Made without animal-derived ingredients

How to choose the right company for your application requirement

There are number of companies available claiming that they are providing best quality santoprene and silicone rubber tubing but before you choose make sure they are providing suitable tubing as per your application requirement, you must describe the manufacturer about your tubing requirement for specific application, when it comes to pharmaceutical industry you should always go for TPE tubing.

SantopSeal manufactures medical grade TPE tubing from Santoprene. Their TPE tubing has,

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Available in various colors
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Free from Latex, PVC, BPA
  • High Fatigue and crack Resistance.
  • High Impact Strength: It has the capabilities of withstanding suddenly applied load and also has a high material yielding strength.
  • Low Compression Set and Density: The tubes return to their original shape & density after being compressed, which also gives them a long lifespan.
  • Our custom medical grade Santoprene tubes are USP class VI approved, RoHS regulated, and EU 2003/11/EC compliance.
  • Available in all standard and custom sizes
  • Available in various hardness shore A

About SantopSeal

SantopSeal is one of the leading companies to extrude custom profiles of gaskets and seals from thermoplastic rubber materials like Santoprene to use in various industries. They are a core manufacturing team involved in the manufacturing of Thermoplastic rubber Santoprene custom extruded gaskets, TPE seals, rubber tubing, and rubber sheets in custom sizes. Their company uses cutting-edge equipment with state-of-the-art technology to produce superior quality thermoplastic rubber extrusion profiles in minimal time and cost.

They are manufacturing a wide range of custom Santoprene extrusions in the form of gaskets, O-ring cord, tubing, and seals. Their products have become an integral part of industrial sectors like construction, automotive, healthcare, food processing, marine, appliances, electronics. You can contact them via email: or call: 412-444-1888 and discuss your requirement.

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