How To Avoid Being A Victim Of FASTag Recharge Fraud?

Online frauds are not a rare phenomenon these days. Gone are the days when you only had to worry about people scamming you in real life. Now, they can simply loot your money online and you won’t even know till it’s too late. This can happen to you when you’re trying to do a mobile recharge, a FASTag recharge, electricity bill payment or more. However, there are ways you can avoid being a victim of these scams.

Today, we’ll talk about FASTag scams and how you can avoid falling victim to these scammers. In simple words, a FASTag scam is when someone tries to loot your money from your FASTag account or from your bank account when you’re doing a FASTag recharge online. Here are some simple ways you can stay safe and unharmed from such scams:

Get Your FASTag From An Official Source Only

Always get your FASTag from a trustworthy source only. For example, you could get the Airtel FASTag directly from the Airtel Payments Bank website. That way, you’re safe from any fraudsters who try to scam you via fake websites. However, always check the URL before doing any transactions to make sure you’re not dealing with a faux website.

Never Share Your OTP

Although a FASTag deduction at the Toll Plaza doesn’t really need an OTP, you need to be careful about this when doing your FASTag recharge. No matter who you’re on a call with, whether they pretend to be a customer care executive, never share your OTP!

Be Careful With Your UPI PIN

Similar to OTPs, you should never share your UPI PIN either. In fact, you need to be extra careful when n where you enter your UPI PIN. Sometimes, scammers might even ask you to click on a link and enter your UPI pin to confirm your FASTag recharge. That’s when they get access to your details, using which they can easily steal your money.

Contact The Customer Care Directly

If you face any issue while doing your FASTag recharge, don’t request a callback from customer care teams, unless extremely necessary. It’s always advisable to directly call the customer care team or drop in a text or even email them to talk about your concern.

A lot of times when we get calls from people claiming to be from the customer care team, there’s a chance it could be a scammer. Then they would either ask you for OTP and other details or simply ask you to click on a link sent in an SMS and enter your UPI and other details there. So, it’s always better to contact the customer help team yourself.

Always Use A Trustworthy Platform For FASTag Recharges

Only use a payment platform that is official and trustworthy for your future FASTag recharges. For example, we prefer using the Airtel Payments Bank website or the Airtel Thanks app for all our FASTag recharges. That way, we know that our details and money, both are safe with the long-existing brand that is Airtel.

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