Got a PR Rejection? Find Out What You Should Do Next Here

Did your permanent residency application get rejected? Fret not since you are not alone in this matter. Each year hundreds of applicants received a PR rejection letter from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. Try not to be disheartened because that does not mean you can no longer become a permanent resident. The truth is you still can. There is a way for you to gain this status. Listed below are the things you need to do and must remember. 

What to do when you received a PR rejection in Singapore?

What options do you have?

Option A: File a PR appeal

  • You can only do so within six months of receiving the PR rejection letter you got from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority

Option B: Submit a new PR application

  • Before you can submit a new PR application, you must wait for at least six months. The countdown starts from the date your PR application got rejected. 

Now, do you see why option A is better? If you choose that, you would not have to wait for six months. You can file a PR appeal in Singapore as soon as possible. 

5 Questions you are probably wondering when you receive a PR rejection.

  • How to submit an appeal for your PR rejection?

  • Review your original PR application.

You have to so you would be able to identify what went wrong and correct them right away.

  • Consider all of your achievements.

Of course, since it would increase your chances of getting approved. So, let them know what you have done for society in Singapore. Now, think carefully about what you have contributed since you step into this country? If you are volunteering, list the name of the organisation. 

  • Submit relevant documents.

The ICA does not have the all day to check your documents. So, be sure what you submitted is all updated. More so, with your payslip. It should be the last six months of your salary.  

  • Write your appeal letter.

You have to since this is your application. So, try not to rely on any ghostwriters. 

  • Proofread it.

Once done, read it a couple of times to see if there are any mistakes.

  • Double-check everything.

Now, review everything. It helps you make sure nothing is missing in your application.

  • Submit your PR appeal via email or post

You could either submit it at or ICA Building 10 Kallang Road Singapore 208718.

  • What is an appeal letter?

It is a written explanation of why the ICA needs to approve your application. That is why you have to write it legibly and let know why you want to become a permanent resident in Singapore. That way, they will be pleased to approve your PR appeal and suspend the rejection letter you got in Singapore.

  • How much does it cost?

If your PR appeal got accepted, you have to pay S$20 and another S$50 for your identification card. You can only settle this via bank transfer or through credit card. 

  • How long do you have to wait for your PR appeal status?

It depends. After all, the ICA is the one who reviews your PR appeal in Singapore. If they got impressed with what you have submitted, you expect to receive an update within a few days. Nevertheless, its process could take months, and the longest waiting time would be a year. 

  • How many times can you submit a PR appeal?

Unfortunately, you only have one chance to either submit a PR appeal or application after receiving a rejection letter in Singapore. So, try to make a good impression with the ICA. That way, you would not lose your chance of becoming a permanent resident.

Remember, the process of getting PR approval is within your hands. However, make sure you would do well, look and follow the listicles below. It would increase your chances. of getting approved. 

  • Keep in mind that it is a competition.
    • It is since 31,700 applicants have a chance to become a permanent resident in Singapore each year. So, do well in your application. 
  • Focus on what you can control.
    • Even though you are competing with thousands of applicants, you should mind your application first. Doing so would help compete against them. 
  • Never rush your action.
    • Certainly! You see, rushing yourself often leads to committing a mistake. So, try not to hasten your PR appeal or application. 
  • Be 3Cs all the way through.
    • You have to since you only have one chance to appeal your PR application. So, make sure to meet these three C. It stands for completion, clarity, and consistency. 
  • Be mindful of dates.
    • Of course, since you have to submit either one of the two options within six months from the day you had received your rejection letter. 
  • Ask someone to review your application.
    • To make sure everything is correct, ask a friend or family member to double-check your PR application. It helps to check if there is still incorrect spelling nor dates.

Do you think you need help to file an appeal with your PR rejection in Singapore?

If your answer is yes, make sure to ask your friends and relatives first. They might know how to appeal a PR rejection in Singapore. However, if they said no, that is okay. You can still seek help outside your circles. One of those is Singapore Top Immigration. They are a firm that helps PR applicants with their application and appeal process. So, if you need their help, give them a call and let them know what you need. Visit their website today to get their contact details.

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