Future of instagram followers – is buying them sustainable?

Instagram boasts 1 billion active monthly users, ranking among the top social media platforms. Content and products from both businesses and influencers are showcased on it.  There are two ways to gain followers on Instagram – organically or by buying them. Organic growth means getting followers through your content, engagement, and other marketing efforts. Buying Instagram followers refers to purchasing a certain number of followers from third-party providers who charge a fee for their services. While it may sound like a quick-fix solution to increase your follower counts overnight, buying Instagram followers has several risks and downsides that could hurt your account’s credibility in the long run. Bought followers are often fake accounts or bots that do not have any real engagement or interest in your content. These accounts will not interact with your posts or stories and will only serve as empty numbers on your profile page. It means that even if you have thousands of bought followers, your actual reach and engagement rates will remain low as these fake accounts do not contribute anything meaningful to your online presence. Visit for more information. 

The Instagram algorithm also favors high-quality content over high-quantity content. If you have a large number of bought but inactive followers on your account, this could indicate low-quality content and result in lower visibility for all your posts. The Famoid Followers prohibits any form of artificial manipulation or spamming activity including purchasing likes, comments, or follows. If caught by the platform’s algorithms or reported by other users, accounts engaging in such practices risk being penalized through decreased visibility or even suspension from Instagram altogether. An account with a suspiciously high number of followers may also make other users doubt its authenticity. It leads to a decrease in trust among potential customers or followers who value genuine engagement and quality content.

Is buying Instagram followers sustainable for the future of your account? The purchase of Instagram followers could hurt your online presence. Creating high-quality content consistently, interacting with your audience through comments and direct messages, collaborating with other accounts, and using hashtags effectively can lead to more meaningful engagement and loyalty. Authentic followings take time and effort but are worth the effort. Genuine engagement from real people interested in your content will result in higher visibility and conversions for your business or personal brand. The practice of buying Instagram followers is not exclusive to this platform. Similarly, other social media platforms are experiencing the same trend as influencers, and businesses seek to gain an advantage over their competition. With increased awareness of the negative effects of purchasing fake followers, many users make sure that their accounts are genuine. It includes using tools such as Instagram’s authenticity check or working with influencer marketing agencies that focus on organic growth strategies.

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