Four Important Tips to Keep in Mind when Choosing a Supplier for your Office Needs

Office supplies are a necessity that businesses need to function.  With a lot of options available today for buying office supplies, the end users take control in terms of choices. No matter the size of your business, picking the right correct supplier can save you money and time in the long run. You will want to use your supplier relationship to get the most benefits for your business. Here are major points you should keep in mind when picking an office supply vendor.

Pick a Supplier that Has your Interest in Mind

Usually, companies pick suppliers based on who provides them with the lowest price. But, you will want a supplier who can continue to supply what your office needs. They should not leave you in the dark because without proper supplies, your office won’t be able to function as normally as it used to. The best supplier has your interest in mind. They are looking to work with you for the long term. Also, they are honest about what they can and cannot when servicing your account.

Consider the Freebies

No matter how much you spend on supplies every month, you can always take advantage of freebies. You will want freebies such as no minimum ordering, free next day delivery, a dedicated customer service, and no fuel surcharges. These are things your supplier should not charge you for no matter how much you are spending on your orders.

Ensure you Get Everything from Them

Whether you need loose leaf notebooks from 123ink, gel pens, office furniture, or printers, you want a supplier who can provide you with all office essentials. The best suppliers can also provide design, promotional, and printing services. Aside from reducing the number of suppliers you have to deal with, you don’t have to cut many checks to various vendors every month. Convenience is the most important benefit you can enjoy when you pick a one-stop for your office needs.

Think about Pricing

Reputable suppliers of office items will want to work with you to get your business. Ensure you pick the suppliers that offer reasonable pricing for the supplies you need. They can give special discounts but don’t choose items that are too cheap as they may have compromised quality. In terms of shopping for pretty anything, you usually get what you pay for and this true when buying office supplies. Also, a great supplier will give you great discounts on bulk orders.

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