Forex Trading Strategies That Work

Nowadays people are becoming more and more familiar to the forex business. Traders are increasingly developing their trading techniques to find the right forex trading strategy.

We’re going to talk about three important strategies; Scalping, Daily Trading and Swing Trading. Let us consider the explanations of these three strategies.

Scalping Strategy

In doing this strategy the traders usually use a small timeframe; M5-M30. Just need to take a little pip for every open position to quickly get results and get out of the market quickly. Traders take the moment when there is no fundamental news in order to control the movement. You have to do this strategy with a bigger lot so only with a few pips taken will result in substantial profit.

Daily Trading Strategy

Traders trade in just a few hours or days. They open positions and close positions on average 1-2 days only. The timeframe used is h1 or h4 timeframe. You can more easily arrange stop loss and get profit because the movement is more calm and only lasts 1-2 days. If you use this strategy then it is advisable to master your emotions because your targets tend to be longer so if the price moves fluctuate your psychology will be affected.

Swing Trading Strategy

This strategy is mostly done by traders who are already professional and have more funds. To run this strategy, the trader uses D1 timeframe and above. Traders tend to read indicators technically and read fundamental news more deeply. You are required to be able to analyze the macro economy in order to predict movement in the next few weeks. The advantages of this swing strategy are more regular movement and less noise making it easier to read trading signals.

Re-adjust these strategies to your needs and abilities so that consistent profit can be achieved.

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