Eyebrow Embroidery Singapore: 4 Aftercare Tips

For every woman who achieves the perfect set of eyebrows is another woman less pleased with theirs. Eyebrows are a pillar in beauty standards and it will continue to propel the beauty of women.

In recent years, brow and lips embroidery in Singapore has become a popular beauty trend. The importance of microblading aftercare and safety cannot be ignored. There are a few things women should keep in mind when caring for their new microblade brows after the procedure.

1. Keep your brows clean.

Keeping your new brows clean is critical for the first ten days following your eyebrow embroidery course plan in Singapore. To keep bacteria and product buildup at bay, tediously wash your hands daily. Your new brows won’t be affected by this at all. Avoid suffocating your skin with too much aftercare ointment, which delays the healing process even further.

2. Temporarily avoid makeup.

During the healing process of your brows, you should avoid wearing any makeup. It’s best to stay away from brow makeup for at least ten days after getting the best eyebrow embroidery done in Singapore. Keep in mind that microblading results in minute skin cuts. Allow your skin to heal naturally for the pigment to incorporate deeply into the skin.

3. Moisturise the covered area.

If you don’t take care of the skin around your brows, you risk it becoming dry. Consider applying Organic aloe vera or rose water to the brow area if this happens while healing. This promotes proper healing after eyebrow embroidery, and the price is patience for optimal recovery.

4. Sweating should be avoided at all costs.

It is even more damaging to your new brows to sweat on them than to get them wet. As a result, the skin is now supplying its moisture. As you sweat, it will expel the pigment out of the area.

Anyone can achieve beautiful brows with careful microblading safety and post-treatment care. Keeping a close eye on your skin’s moisture levels and avoiding anything that could delay its healing are required significantly.

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