Establish an Employee Centric Culture Right from the Startup Phase

Typically, many companies including startup companies in Hong Kong may aim to establish a sustained and great company culture possibly with determination, hard work and maintenance that is also employee centric. It is not all about the founder simply having gone through the company incorporation in Hong Kong, and let the business to be run and managed by the frontline managers.

Initially it sounded easy, but during implementation it is one of the hardest to achieve. For example, a HK based company developing and selling SaaS product (or web application) may see employee engagement as more than just a task or a set of best practices. The frontline employees have to be trained and educated to recognize what that all means to them and to the company i.e. that is the very makeup of the company’s future, and it is also the most critical part to the customer service platform of the company.

Again, the Hong Kong based SaaS Company has to maintain a great culture by focusing on its individual team members. Unlike many other small businesses in the local regions, it is not the financial bottom line that gets the highest priority. The company encourages the team members to make their mark. In doing so, the entire teams would be in the growing mode and continue the development. The development would go through a carefully designed and actively maintained mentorship program. The experienced persons would pass on their experiences to the new employees (or younger staffs).

The definition must first clearly be defined. i.e. being a mentor does not mean the person is someone’s supervisor in the business. The role of a mentor is to push his team to become more, not just for the company but for themselves. What the culture should be is that staffs are like a family i.e. Not the type of family members who you cannot stand spending time with or only meet on long holidays. But each staff member cares about and supports other members.

There are occasions when a staff gets encouragement from her mentor. The mentor would emphasize that what she is working for every day is way more than simply a paycheck for her to take home. This is the type of leadership driven attention mechanism that has been experienced successfully in certain types of companies and startup environments. This leads to individual staffs looking for and working on individual goals that are directly linking to the culture which is way beyond the financial bottom line of the business. Another question is about whether the mentor and the trainee should work from the same Hong Kong office. But the bottom line is when things can work out; it doesn’t matter where they operate.

To help establish a culture of trust, you should consider investing in employee time tracking software. This empowers employees as it allows them to take over their own time tracking practices and gives them a new level of company accountability.

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