Does medical insurance cover ATV accidents?


Will your medical insurance cover an ATV accident, or do you need separate ATV insurance coverage? Driving an ATV is a lot like driving a car, and there’s a reason why separate insurance is usually needed.

Who Covers an ATV Accident?

An ATV accident can be covered under homeowner’s insurance under some circumstances, but that’s only true if the accident happens on the premises.

If you’re driving someone else’s ATV on their property, their homeowner’s insurance would kick in. If there are no homeowner’s insurance policies available, then you may need to look to your medical insurance.

Your health insurance is going to be tied for your own medical needs if you’re injured in an ATV accident. But what happens if a passenger is injured or if you run into another driver?

If they don’t have health insurance or ATV insurance, you could be considered responsible for the accident, and become liable for their medical needs.

What Happens if You’re Injured in an ATV Accident?

Upon injury in an ATV accident, you should contact your insurance company as quickly as possible. Your insurance company will be able to explore your coverage options and determine whether your injuries are covered by your existing policies.

This is one of the core benefits of having your insurance through a single provider, as they are knowledgeable about your insurance situation.

The bottom line: if you have an ATV, you need ATV insurance. An ATV accident could lead to some significant physical and property damage.

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