Different Types and Features of Cake That You Need To Know

Cake has a special place in people’s hearts. From birthdays to anniversaries, you will never attend an event without a cake. It gives a different kind of joy that adds to the event ambience. Plus, the beauty makes it more attractive to the celebrants and visitors. A good example would be a birthday cake sold online in Singapore. There are a variety of choices, but only one will get your attention.


Some people may think that cake is just a big sweet food. But for people who love celebrations, sweet and food lovers, and bakers, a cake is something more than just a portion of food. What makes a cake so special, then?


Cake has five features that make it stand out among other desserts:

  • The taste of the cake is its most essential feature. It gives happiness in every slice that can make your day better. Its sweetness, softness, and toppings add flavours that play your mouth and confuses you on where to focus your tastebuds.
  • A patisserie in Singapore caters to different flavours of cake that give people a hard time choosing. Some of the popular flavours are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and red velvet.
  • Different looks, sizes, forms, and colours make the cake unique. You can see round cakes, square cakes, and layer cakes in brown, white, or red. There are rainbow cakes, too!
  • The cake’s frosting depends on the occasion. Wedding anniversary cake frosting is usually white. But cakes for other events depend on the colour or flavour of the cake.
  • You will know that a cake is perfect once you feel its texture in your mouth. Baking it is the first process, and you will already know its perfectness from there. The cake should be moist, spongy, and fluffy to see that it is perfect.


Cakes are fit in any event or even just a dessert on a regular day if you like. It comes in different sizes, so you can buy it depending on the number of people that will eat it. A patisserie in Singapore must also offer different kinds of desserts aside from cake.

These are some of the things that you can do with cakes:

  • Colour request – you can request the colour of the cake you want, depending on the event. Many people say that the wedding anniversary cake in Singapore is usually red. Red anticipates romance between the couple and shows a happy marriage. For red cakes, red velvet or strawberry are the popular flavours. It can also be raspberry or lychee.
  • Personalised cake – if you want your cake to match your event’s theme, you can request a patisserie in Singapore to do it. This service is famous for a birthday cake that is bought online. The usual theme for kids’ cakes is superheroes or cartoons. For adults, it can be a beer theme or makeup.
  • Event cakes – there are events that sweets and desserts fit. However, not the big cakes or the usual cakes we see. For example, cupcakes during meetings. The flavours can be the same with the cake. Frosting and toppings might be added, too.


Many people know that baking is laborious, no matter what it is that you are baking. Its process, timing, and temperature must always be on point to ensure you achieve your desired consistency and texture. Baking is complicated, which makes desserts so exceptional.

Here is how patisserie in Singapore does cake:

  1. Mixing the ingredients – sugar, eggs, and flour: the most common ingredients of the cake. But, take note that the components still depend on what type of cake you will bake. Always remember to buy the correct flour and weigh it. Do not measure the flour.
  1. Right temperature – the oven’s temperature plays a huge role in making the cake. No one wants the cake to look burnt or taste the uncooked ingredients. Set it at the right temperature and time it.
  1. Put it in a pan – once the baking finishes, put it in a pan. Let it cool in a wire rack for about 20 minutes before removing it for the frosting.
  1. Put frosting – the frosting is the centre of the cake. Use a spatula to put the frosting. Once done, put it in the refrigerator.



After knowing the processes and features of a cake, it is also necessary to know the different types of cakes. A patisserie in Singapore caters to many kinds of cakes, and it depends on the mixing method, batter, and ingredients used. Some people categorise their cake based on the flavour they want. Good examples are strawberry cake and chocolate cake.

To understand the cake types better, these are the basic and popular ones:


Sponge cake is a foam-like cake that does not have baking powder or baking soda as its ingredient. By the power of whipped egg whites, you already have a sponge cake. Just add the flavour you like in the recipe, layer some whipped cream, then you are set.


Butter cake is the most common type of cake. Wedding anniversary cake usually falls in this type. Mix the cream, butter, and sugar with the other ingredients then you already have a butter cake.


Chiffon cake is a mixture of sponge cake and oil cake. The ingredients have baking powder and vegetable oil, making it light and soft.


This type of cake is the trend nowadays and usually seen as a birthday cake. Red velvet cake is technically a butter cake but uses oil instead of butter. The flavour is from the mixture of cocoa and buttermilk but replaced with red food colouring these days.


Carrot cake is like butter cake but uses canola oil instead of butter. This ingredient can make the cake last longer than the others. You can add grated carrots to make the cake moist and add walnuts if you like.

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